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Netmania IT Launches Fibre Optic Device Testing

by david.nunes

The Lichfield-based IT services and solutions company is now among just a handful of businesses offering this cutting edge service in the evolving marketplace of broadband technology

One of the UK’s leading providers of IT products and services has just unveiled a brand new service for the company’s existing clients and potential new customers in the broadband industry – fibre optic device testing.

Netmania IT’s innovative offering means that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) manufacturers both in the UK and around the world will be able to take advantage of the new service and be among the first to ensure their devices are ready for the age of fibre optic technology.

The service marks the latest development in the company’s test lab which has been established for many years after being built for the end-to-end testing of a wide range of broadband products.

While the test lab was initially used for Acceptance Into Service (AIS) testing when Netmania IT led a team to implement the world’s first major TR-069 installation; it has since been used to carry out free interoperability testing for a myriad of device manufacturers, including Technicolor (formerly Thomson), Iskratel, Pirelli, Sagem, Huawei, Jungo, Green Packet, Netgear, GoS Networks, Bewan and 2Wire.

One of the main benefits of the Netmania IT broadband testing facility is the fact that it offers a single place from which several functions can be observed; namely the customer/PC broadband experience, third party externally hosted platforms, and internal vendor/provider systems.

“The nature of the industry we’re in means that, as a business, we have to evolve in response to the advancements in broadband technology. This is exactly why we’re introducing fibre optic testing,” explains Netmania IT CEO, Nick Wilcox.

“There are very few companies actually offering a service like this at the moment which is why it’s such an exciting time for us – we’re literally on the cusp of a new era in broadband technology.”

A key feature of Netmania IT’s test laboratory is the inherent quality assurance programme which is in place to ensure outstanding customer service. Device firmware is rigorously tested in a controlled environment to make sure any potential issues are uncovered and the relevant ISP/CPE manufacturer informed so that the devices can be modified accordingly.

“With unique access to the customer, hosted third party facilities and internal vendor/provider systems, the Netmania IT test lab offers a fast and highly cost-effective means of bringing product to market,” adds Nick.

“Our new fibre optic device testing is the perfect addition to our test lab services and one which we’re expecting to attract substantial interest if early indications are anything to go by.”

For more information about Netmania IT’s new fibre optic testing services, or to enquire about the test lab facility, please email anthony.brown@netmania-it.com, call 0870 086 0780, or visit http://www.acslite.com.

About Netmania IT Ltd.

Netmania IT Ltd. was founded in 2000 and has since established itself as a leading provider of IT services and solutions. The company manages one of the largest and most active TR-069 device estates in the world on behalf of its clients and has vast experience of TR-069 standards, including systems integration; zero-touch provisioning of value-added services; data collection and router diagnostics; integration into self-care portals; firmware upgrades and compliance testing.

Netmania IT Ltd. is already working with many leading CPE vendors. This list of vendors and devices supported is growing on a daily basis as the company completes interoperability testing for its clients in the business’ test lab facility.

The company’s industry-leading knowledge and expertise in this field comes from working with one of the first providers in the world to adopt the TR-069 industry standard. As a result, Netmania IT Ltd. has been heavily involved in TR-069 and has built up a vast amount of knowledge which it readily draws upon to the benefit of its international client base.

The addition of fibre optic device testing within Netmania IT’s test laboratory marks the latest innovation in a company which prides itself on providing essential services and solutions to global brands and SMEs operating in the broadband industry.

For more information about Netmania IT Ltd.; the company’s ACSLite platform, test lab services and fibre optic testing, please visit http://www.acslite.com & http://www.netmania-it.com


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