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NetMotion Diagnostics extends enterprise reach of mobile security and network data

by david.nunes

NetMotion Diagnostics™ extends enterprise reach of mobile security and network data

Support mobile systems, diagnose problems and analyse trends
with NetMotion-powered operational intelligence

July 22, 2015 – NetMotion Wireless, a leading provider of mobility management solutions, today announced that NetMotion Diagnostics version 3.10, a robust data analytics and visualisation solution for any organisation with a mobile workforce, now allows customers to analyse streams of data coming from iOS, Android and Windows devices in third-party operational intelligence providers’ systems. This new version provides real-time, lightweight data integration to deliver the comprehensive picture IT teams need to pinpoint and proactively rectify the root causes of problems, such as excessive latency, poor signal quality, unresponsive application servers, VPN connections, GPS and dropped connections all of which can harm productivity and end-user experience, and tie up IT centre resources.

“Mobile employees are using devices, networks and SaaS applications outside the ownership and control of their IT organisation, making it more difficult for everyone to troubleshoot problems when they arise,” said John Knopf, VP Product Management at NetMotion Wireless. “Enterprises need to combine data from multiple sources in order to quickly assess and address the root cause of connectivity issues with mobile employees. We’ve made it very easy for IT organisations to integrate our diagnostic, location, coverage, application and inventory data with their own key operational systems and dashboards. They get faster resolution, less down time and greater productivity.”

Diagnostics feeds real-time data to operational intelligence, security, information and event management (SIEM), business intelligence (BI), log analysis, and alerting tools such as Splunk, Elasticsearch, and Kiwi. NetMotion has also included a free application for Splunk, to help NetMotion customers jump-start their own data analysis: http://discover.netmotionwireless.com/diagnostics-splunk.html.  

NetMotion Diagnostics is available today as a cloud SaaS service or as an on-premises application. Organisations can start analysing data in their favorite operational intelligence system within minutes of installing and configuring the Diagnostics solution. For more information, please visit: http://www.netmotionwireless.com/diagnostics.


About NetMotion Wireless

NetMotion Wireless develops mobility management software for enterprises and organisations with mission-critical connectivity requirements. The company’s products address the unique challenges created by these workforces by providing the security, visibility, and control that IT departments demand, while minimising the connectivity challenges faced in the field, so mobile workers can be more productive. Thousands of enterprises around the world are using NetMotion products to keep millions of mobile workers connected to applications. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Visit www.netmotionwireless.com.


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