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NetMotion launches the First Self-Diagnosing Mobile VPN Solution

by david.nunes

NetMotion Introduces the First Self-Diagnosing Mobile VPN Solution

New release of NetMotion Diagnostics accelerates connection troubleshooting, reducing mobile support time by up to 90 percent

January 15, 2015 – NetMotion Wireless, a leading provider of mobility management solutions, today announced availability of NetMotion Diagnostics for Mobility, its award-winning mobile VPN solution. NetMotion Diagnostics takes the guesswork out of analyzing connection problems, helping mobile workers and administrators understand why, when, and where problems occur. It enables mobile workers to quickly resolve many connection problems on their own, averting support desk calls. It also reduces resolution time for more complicated problems by alerting and providing detailed technical information to IT personnel. This latest release transforms NetMotion Mobility into the world’s first self-diagnosing mobile VPN solution.

Commenting on the launch, John Knopf, VP Product Management at NetMotion Wireless, said, “Slow and unreliable mobile connections are the most common problems our enterprise customers deal with on a daily basis. Companies are making significant investments in wireless access and mobile solutions, and they need their employees to be able to access their corporate resources wherever they are for those investments to pay off. Our solution eliminates frustration and guesswork in troubleshooting connection problems.” 

NetMotion Diagnostics provides a robust data analytics and visualization solution for any organization with a mobile workforce. It delivers deep analysis to pinpoint the root cause of problems such as excessive latency, poor signal quality, unresponsive application servers, VPN connections, GPS and dropped connections. In addition, it captures, tracks, and provides comprehensive, actionable reports on devices, network performance, and usage. This latest release significantly improves the productivity of IT staff and mobile workers through:

On-demand or automated diagnostics:

When a mobile worker experiences a connection problem, they simply click a soft button to run a series of pre-configured tests that troubleshoot potential failure points including the network adapter, local network connection, GPS, VPN connection, Internet, and availability of servers and applications managed by the corporation or located in the cloud. IT staff can also configure policies that automatically run diagnostic tests without any user intervention when a problem occurs. For example, if a device loses a connection for more than a minute or two, the solution can automatically run the diagnostic test and display the results to the mobile worker and alert an IT administrator.

Real-time alerting for proactive support:

NetMotion Diagnostics automatically notifies IT and other business stakeholders of an issue via email and/or text (SMS), allowing IT personnel to quickly respond. IT staff can also set automated policies to be alerted to and respond to problems before they become widespread.  Alerts are fully customizable by recipient, frequency and type. The detailed test results provide valuable insights to IT on specific root causes and identification of common problems or patterns.

Seamless integration:

The new Diagnostics product works seamlessly and securely with NetMotion Mobility. NetMotion Diagnostics is also available as a stand-alone solution for any mobile deployment, with the option for an on-premise installation or a hosted cloud based offering. It works with every type of network connection including 2G/3G/4G, MiFi, trunk modems, satellite, WiFi, and Ethernet.  It supports Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

NetMotion Diagnostics is available today. For more information, please visit http://www.netmotionwireless.com.

About NetMotion Wireless

NetMotion Wireless develops mobility management software for enterprises and organizations with mission-critical connectivity requirements. The company’s products address the unique challenges created by these workforces by providing the security, visibility, and control that IT departments demand, while minimizing the connectivity challenges faced in the field, so mobile workers can be more productive. Thousands of enterprises around the world are using NetMotion products to keep millions of mobile workers connected to applications. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Visit www.netmotionwireless.com.


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