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Netop Offers Remote Control Free Trial and Special Offer to pcAnywhere Users

by david.nunes

Netop Offers Remote Control Free Trial and Special Offer to pcAnywhere Users


Offer announced as Symantec warns customers worldwide not to use its

remote access solution

Copenhagen – Jan.27, 2012 – Netop (http://www.netop.com), a pioneer in secure remote (http://www.netop.com/products/administration/remote.htm) access support and management, today announced that it is offering its Remote Control software at no charge to users affected by the Symantec pcAnywhere security breach. The free licenses will be offered for a duration of thirty days in unlimited quantities.


Yesterday, Symantec warned users through its website to stop using its pcAnywhere remote access software due to a serious security risk. Symantec also confirmed that old source code stolen by a hacking group has exposed vulnerabilities in the pcAnywhere remote access program.


Discussing the issue Netop’s CEO Kurt Bager said: “Symantec’s announcement highlights the risks of having varying levels of security in your remote access setup. The theft of its old source code by a hacking group could potentially open up companies across the world to key vulnerabilities within the remote access program. We hope that by offering Netop Remote Control at no charge for thirty days – Symantec will have time to fix the issue.”


It is common for companies to use a mix of remote access (http://www.netop.com/products/administration/remote.htm) software, each with a varying level of security, but the issue does not affect Netop Remote Control.

Offering a single solution that covers all platforms and devices, the Netop software excels in complex organisations where complying with strict regulatory requirements such as FIPS, PCI and HIPPA is of the utmost importance. Netop Remote Control is proven to help drive the successful implementation of remote access strategies in enterprises worldwide – including half of the Fortune 100 companies.

Bager continued: “For more than two decades, our integrated solutions have helped clients save money by efficiently gaining access to remote technology assets, consolidating support resources and shortening issue resolution times. “Above all else, Netop Remote Control has been designed and tested to meet the top security standards in all of today’s most complex data environments. We take security very seriously.”

Companies affected by the pcAnywhere breach can visit: http://www.netop.com/support/downloads/netop-remote-control.htm to download a temporary substitute while Symantec attempts to solve the problem. Netop will also make special pricing available to those customers who would like to make a permanent transition to secure remote control. This offer is available only until the end of February 2012.

For more information visit http://www.netop.com.

About Netop
Netop develops and sells market leading software solutions that enable swift, secure and seamless transfer of video, screens, sounds and data between two or more computers. The company has three business areas: Secure Remote Control, Classroom Management and Live Chat.
Headquartered in Denmark, Netop employs 130 people and has subsidiaries in the United States, Great Britain, China, Romania and Switzerland. The company sells its solutions to public and private clients in more than 80 countries. Netop Solutions A/S shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange OMX. Read more at: www.netop.com.



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