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NetSumo helps the online gaming community into Europe and beyond

by david.nunes

1st June 2011,

NetSumo helps the online gaming community into Europe and beyond

– Low latency and network uptime power i3D to the front of the GSP grid –

Over one million gamers in Europe and across the world are set for a transformation in their gaming experience following Interactive 3D’s (i3D) decision to select NetSumo to manage its rapidly expanding network.

i3D is one of Europe’s largest game service providers (GSP), with servers and gamers in diverse locations such as Paris, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Sydney and Washington DC. At peak hours there are over 125,000 simultaneous players enjoying the i3D gaming experience.

The last five years have seen an explosion in online gaming with titles such as Call of Duty, Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor being amongst the most popular. i3D’s network upgrades means that whether you are playing online in a Washington café – storming a bunker in the D-Day invasion of Normandy, or laying siege to a medieval Templar castle in the Holy Land from the comfort of your arm chair in Chester, you are guaranteed 100 percent uptime and the best possible gaming experience available.

It is no surprise that performance and gamer experience are and key to its operations. In Rotterdam alone it utilises 4,000 servers – and the ever-increasing popularity of gaming summits, (often catering for thousands of gamers), has meant i3D has had to invest heavily in its network infrastructure to keep ahead of the game.

Stijn Koster, CEO at i3D commented: “Connectivity is at the core of our business. We work in an industry where low latency and continual network uptime can mean the difference between success and failure to our customers. Put simply this means success and failure for us.

We have expanded our network from Rotterdam throughout Europe with connections to Internet exchanges in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Warsaw, Stockholm and Washington DC, but in doing this it has put a huge amount of pressure on us from an internal perspective – this is where NetSumo has proven so valuable to us, by removing the pain of our networking issues.

It built and now manages our mission critical network, which enables us to focus our attentions on our core business competences – online gaming. Its ability to understand our key business drivers and challenges is what makes it such a valued partner. NetSumo has reduced the risk of our reliance on our existing in-house team. The team at NetSumo are already future-proofing our business acting as a strategic advisor on industry trends, such as the IPv6 transition and technology cross over – enabling us to stay one step ahead of the pack.”

Alex Cruz Farmer, managing director, NetSumo commented: “Since 2005 we have understood the core requirements of each and every one of our customers; allowing us to provide strong strategies in network management consultancy to ISPs and more crucially, GSPs like i3D.

We provide i3D with our full-scale NOC and Management packages, which in light of its international client base and expanding data centre plans in the Netherlands, is an absolute necessity. Whether playing online in Barcelona or Frankfurt, Stockholm or Moscow, NetSumo’s team of dedicated engineers is always available to deal with online gaming networking issues and keep the online gaming world running.”


About NetSumo:

NetSumo’s consultancy and management team has built over 250 networks globally since launch; with clients utilising the NetSumo 24/7 Network Operations Centre for third line support. Their experienced team of operators support and deliver a range of Pan European and North American networking and security projects on a daily basis.

NetSumo is recognised as a leading IT consultancy, specialising in hosting companies, enterprise and e-commerce organisations. It benefits clients by driving operational stability and availability, dramatically reducing transit and network costs, ultimately increasing end user satisfaction. Maximized IT spend, consultancy advice and security of networks are all key services NetSumo provide.

About Interactive 3D:

Launching in 2004 and operating out of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, within a short space of time, Interactive 3D (i3D), has grown to become one of Europe’s premier game server providers (GSP). It operates a completely in-house developed control panel, able to manage and monitor all hosted services, and by constantly investing in new hardware at worldwide locations such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Washington DC, i3D is able to offer customers top line levels of performance at all times.

On a daily basis over 1,000,000 gamers play on i3D game servers and at peak hours there are over 125,000 simultaneous players enjoying the i3D gaming experience in various guises – 40 percent more than the industry average per game server. Interactive 3D is closely involved. I3D owns and operates a 36,000 sq. ft. datacenter in Rotterdam and over 4000 servers worldwide in key locations.


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