Netsurit chooses Marval MSM Expert for Integrated IT Service Management

01 December 2011

Netsurit is an IT support and outsourced managed services provider specialising in the small to medium enterprise (SME) market. As a service organisation, Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), time management and billing are vital to the success of Netsurit’s business model. When Netsurit set their sights on achieving ISO/IEC 20000 certification, they turned to Marval and their MSM Expert solution to support this process.

“Netsurit’s core services involve the management of SLA’s based on the support and maintenance of computing equipment and associated IT Services, ensuring that IT environments are up and running so businesses can operate efficiently and with minimal downtime. This makes IT Service Management

(ITSM) a vital part of helping the company grow and prosper,” says Edward Carbutt, Executive Director at Marval South Africa.

Netsurit also specialises in project management for the implementation of new or changing IT systems, with consulting services around high level system redesign, optimising business processes and IT infrastructure for a better fit between IT and business. The organisation also has a training department, development department and a hardware and software sales division.

“Service delivery is important to us because it is the heart of our business; it’s what we do. We needed to provide our clients with the best levels of service possible, and realised we required a system to help us manage this, interpret our data and guide us as to where services and service levels should be altered and improved,” says Louwki Coetsee, Head of Support at Netsurit.

“We also required an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that would assist us to become ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 aligned. These best practice frameworks and certifications demonstrate to our clients that we conform to international standards, thus providing assurance that our service levels are of the highest quality and that we strive for continual improvement.

ITIL compliance and the ISO/IEC 20000 certification will align our business

better and enable us to deliver better services to our clients. In order

for us to achieve this we needed the right tools for the job,” he adds.

When looking for the right ITSM tool, Netsurit conducted a detailed, in-depth selection process and extensive examination of all of the ITSM products currently available on the market. With a very specific mandate of requirements, the criteria included local representation, ITIL compliance, the ability of the product to be tailored to meet Netsurit’s needs, and alignment with important business processes. This process produced a shortlist of three products, after which “proof of concept” was demonstrated using live versions of all three products.

“We chose the Marval MSM Expert solution because of its close alignment with ITIL standards and ISO 20000 specifications. The capabilities of the system met our needs, enabling us to view live data and obtain live reports and feedback to ensure that we could maintain and improve our service levels.

The web-based interface also makes it easier for our many roaming / field based employees to access the system easily when out of the office. Overall we were impressed with the way the system came together and how all the parts interacted with each other,” Coetsee says.

“Since our entire business needed to run on the system, there were a few challenges with the implementation, but Marval gave us excellent service both from the United Kingdom office as well as locally. We asked Marval to make some relatively significant system changes, for more effective alignment with our business, and they were happy to do so, rewriting some of their code to make the software more user friendly and intuitive for us.

Marval South Africa handled all of the interaction with the UK office and ensured that the implementation ran smoothly,” he adds.

The first phase of the ITSM implementation has been completed, allowing Netsurit to benefit from live data and immediate reporting capabilities.

Phase two is due to begin shortly, which will build on this foundation by unlocking some of the additional functionality of the Marval MSM Expert system. Netsurit aims to become ISO 20000 certified within the next two years.

“This was definitely a challenging project for us, since Netsurit had very specific requirements which necessitated additional development to meet these needs. However we are pleased to have been able to assist and are proud that our product and our team lived up to the task,” Carbutt concludes.

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