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Network Norway delivers the simple future of the mobile enterprise with the Ubiquisys femtocell grid system

by david.nunes

Network Norway delivers the simple future of the mobile enterprise with

the Ubiquisys femtocell grid system


Engineering-free solution makes enterprise mobility affordable for every



Swindon, UK – 17th October 2011 – Network Norway, the provider of

professional mobile business solutions, began offering enterprise

femtocells to its customers in Q1 2011. Six months after the commercial

launch, the Full Coverage mobile enterprise solution has justified the

operator’s innovation and proved the value of Ubiquisys’ femtocell grid



The femtocell solution marks a dramatic shift from the traditional

picocell and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) which have typically been

used in large enterprises. These traditional systems provide indoor

coverage using specialist equipment and require an expert radio

engineering project in order to be deployed. Network Norway was looking

for a solution to effectively deliver enterprise mobility to smaller

companies, branches and depots.


“Our customers cover a wide range of small and medium businesses in a

variety of different building types. They told us they wanted the

benefits of increased workforce productivity and employee satisfaction

that come from going mobile, but without the complexity and the cost of

existing systems,” said Tom Guldberg, CSO of Network Norway.


“We teamed-up with NEC to build a solution based on the Ubiquisys

ActiveSONTM enterprise grid system.  It delivers high quality indoor

mobile coverage in any size or shape of building with no radio

engineering and no local controller to drive up the cost. It’s

enterprise mobility made simple – just plug in some femtocells to your

existing LAN and within minutes you have a complete high performance 3G

HSPA network.”


Network Norway launched its Full Coverage solution in February 2011

after running extensive user trials for a year. The systems are

installed by a network of dealers, using similar IT skills to those

needed to install Wi-Fi access points.


The operator has also built on its innovation by offering the solution

in conjunction with its Mobile Business offering, a smartphone app-based

mobile centrex which enables companies to dispense with their fixed line

phone systems, whilst retaining all of the useful features like

conferencing and call management.


“Customer feedback has been very positive, mainly because the

installation is simple and the network is completely automatic in

operation, providing seamless mobility and load-balancing. Shared

offices, production units, logistics depots – we have enabled every kind

of business to go mobile. It’s a very scalable solution too – at the

moment our largest grid is ten cells, but the absence of a central

controller means that the economics work from 2 to 200+ cells. When you

consider that each femtocell covers an area significantly larger than

the area of a Wi-Fi access point, we are not just meeting the needs of

small business, but providing a simple, elegant solution for larger

enterprises too.”


“Network Norway leads the world when it comes to innovation in

enterprise solutions,” said Chris Gilbert, CEO of Ubiquisys. “The

simplicity and sheer flexibility of their Full Coverage solution points

to a future where all enterprises can harness the benefits of enterprise



Network Norway’s pioneering deployment of enterprise femtocells is a

move which has since been followed by Orange France, with several other

operators currently in preparation mode.


About Ubiquisys

Ubiquisys is the leading developer of intelligent femtocells and small

cell technology, with more than 50 operator engagements worldwide.

The Ubiquisys difference is intelligence: cells that continuously listen

to their surroundings, making autonomous decisions about configuration,

relations with cell neighbours and application triggers. The result is a

unique range of design-to-order residential femtocells, self-organising

femto networks for enterprise, plus public space and rural small cells.

Ubiquisys software and systems define the complete ready-to-deploy

intelligent cell. They have enabled operators and manufacturers to

fast-track new intelligent cell products.


Ubiquisys investors include Accel Partners, Advent Venture Partners,

Atlas Venture, 5 Continents Consulting Group (5CCG), Pacific Venture

Partners, SerComm Corporation, UMC Capital Corporation, Yasuda

Enterprise Development Co, Google and T-Mobile Venture Fund.



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