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Network operators can rest easy with the Session Border Controller from TELES

by david.nunes

Network operators can rest easy with the Session Border Controller from TELES

Protection of VoIP networks from attacks and data leakage is not child’s play and has to bedealt with by professionals. The TELES Session Border Controller provides network operatorswith a strong component which effectively shields their networks from attacks.

Berlin, 16 September, 2013. The Berlin telecommunications specialist TELES has enhanced its Softswitch portfolio with an efficient Session Border Controller. “With the conversion to modern, high-performance IP networks, there is a growing demand among operators for comonents which guard and effectively shield the network , and provide defense against attacks and unauthorized access,” says Oliver Olbrich, Chief Operating Officer at TELES. “With our new Session Border Controller we have developed a highly effective instrument to ensure that network operators can convert to IP without worry.”

The special clou of the new Session Border Controller is its intuitive configuration and operation. “Even the best Session Border Controller is of little use, if the network operator cannot operate it.Useful mechanisms and tolerance limits are required to ensure the network components provides effective protection, recognizes potential threats and does not trigger an alarm without reason. We take this challenge very seriously,” adds Olbrich. Protection requirements and mechanisms have to be adjusted individually to the respective network topology so that risks can be confined and attack scenarios simulated. “This ensures we can guarantee that the SBC integration operates smoothly in the network and that servicing is extensively automated.”

Border Protection with a SBC from TELES

Modern IP networks are frequently the target of damaging attacks in which attackers try to overload the network or to gain subscriber access data for subsequent misuse. The task of a Session BorderController is to monitor network borders, to automatically recognize attacks and to effectively prevent such attacks.

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