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Networks of Up to 2 Million Cells Now Supported by GeoLENs Location Platform

by david.nunes

Networks of Up to 2 Million Cells Now Supported by GeoLENs Location Platform  


HICKORY, NC, January 4, 2011—Touting one of the wireless industry’s most comprehensive location platforms, Andrew Solutions, the CommScope, Inc. division that is a global leader in wireless communication systems and products, has upgraded its GeoLENs® Mobile Location Center (MLC) to Version 10.1 with additional and expanded functionalities.


“GeoLENs MLC 10.1 will continue to enable commercial, emergency, and security location-based applications in wireless networks on what we believe is the widest range of positioning capabilities available from a single vendor on a common platform,” said John Baker, vice president and general manager, Network Solutions, Andrew. “The Version 10.1 upgrade makes it possible for operators to deploy such services on larger networks with additional positioning technologies, enhanced performance, and the potential to share infrastructure.”


GeoLENs MLC 10.1 can support networks of up to two million cells, intended for operators whose network footprints continue to grow with macro base stations and micro sites such as femtocells. The MLC 10.1 adds a new positioning technology—enhanced cell ID for GSM EDGE and UMTS 3G networks— to its host of supported location technologies. This new locating function can act as a secondary option to assisted GPS (A-GPS), a locating technology for which MLC 10.1 has also enhanced its performance. The GeoLENs MLC 10.1 can also be leveraged by multiple operators for sharing network infrastructure, reducing capital and operating expenses without sacrificing performance or functionality.


“We already are seeing top tier customers intent on deploying the MLC 10.1 based on the increased number of sites it can support, the addition of enhanced cell ID, and its sharing potential,” said Baker.


GeoLENs MLC 10.1 is a complete location system that supports both gateway and serving functions for emergency, commercial, and security location-based applications. GeoLENs MLC 10.1 supports handset-based, network-based, and hybrid locating technologies for 2G and 3G access—specifically, cell identity (CID), enhanced-CID, A-GPS, uplink time difference of arrival (U-TDOA) and multiple range estimation location (MREL) on the traffic channel, and angle of arrival (AOA). GeoLENs MLC 10.1 gives operators the flexibility to add or refocus their location system as their needs change and as market directions clarify.


GeoLENs MLC 10.1 is generally available now.  


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