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Neusoft Corporation: Neusoft Silta RCS Client Receives Full Accreditation from the GSMA

by david.nunes

Neusoft Silta RCS Client Receives Full Accreditation from the GSMA

OULU, Finland, Sept. 19, 2012 – Neusoft Mobile Solutions Oy (Neusoft) becomes the first RCS client vendor receiving full accreditation from the GSMA. The accreditation was performed in Spain and France with Neusoft’s Silta RCS client for Android. With full accreditation granted, Neusoft client is now eligible for commercial launches using the joyntm brand on all RCS accredited operator networks globally.

The GSMA RCS accreditation process aims to shorten go-to-market time and improve interoperability between RCS clients and networks. During 2012 client vendors and networks have undergone rigorous and rigid testing to conform to over 300 interoperability tests that are required for GSMA RCS accreditation. So far three networks and nine clients have been provisionally accredited and Neusoft has become the first client to become fully accredited (http://www.gsma.com/rcs/iot-accreditation/#accred_clients). The full accreditation signifies that interoperability has been proven in at least two different RCS networks, and against at least two different RCS clients.

“The GSMA has implemented a strict accreditation process as it is extremely important to ensure that commercially launched services interoperate from day one,” said Attilio Zani, RCS Business Development Director, GSMA. “We are pleased that Neusoft has achieved full accreditation for its Silta RCS client.”

“Being fully accredited opens the door for launching joyn services,” says Jukka Marjomaa, Sales Director of Neusoft Mobile Solutions Oy. “Our joyn-branded RCS client is available to all the operators of networks that are supporting joyn. We want to give the consumers the choice and to offer the best possible joyn experience.”

The Neusoft Silta™ product family (http://silta.neusoft.com) includes RCS clients for mobile platforms. “Our RCS products have been well received and full accreditation will follow for other platforms,” says Markus Jakobsson, Head of Communication Solutions business line at Neusoft Mobile Solutions Oy. “We are also rolling out our next joyn release compliant version in time for Christmas sales and RCS5 compliant versions for 2013 launches.”

Neusoft Mobile Solutions Oy is a subsidiary of Neusoft Corporation and is specialized in mobile software development. “We have a long history in mobility and as a part of Neusoft Corporation with over 20,000 employees worldwide, we are well positioned to offer competitive end-to-end solutions to our multinational customers,” says Tommi Kinnunen, Managing Director of Neusoft Mobile Solutions Oy.

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