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Neustring Provides Roaming Analytics Software To Qtel Group

by david.nunes

Neustring Provides Roaming Analytics Software To Qtel Group


Solution Goes Live In Qtel Qatar: Nine Qtel Group Companies To Follow


Dubai, 16 November, 2011 – NeuString, the leading supplier of predictive data analytics software for mobile operators, and Qtel International, have agreed on a multi-year, multi-operator agreement for deployment, with the first live site being Qtel Qatar.


Following a successful trial, Qtel Qatar has implemented the NeuString Optiprizer solution to optimize the profitability of its mobile roaming traffic. Deployments at the other Qtel Group companies of Indosat, Tunisiana and Wataniya Kuwait are all underway, with other operators in the group to follow in 2012.


The Predictive Analytics solution will provide a group-wide overview of their roaming business, helping manage Group roaming agreements. This will enable the Qtel Group to improve margins by leveraging their roaming volumes and obtaining better roaming agreements.


One of the key strategies for the Qtel Group is to fully leverage the synergies and efficiencies created across its presence in 17 countries, and the new solution will provide timely management information on the roaming business to further enable this goal. Qtel International helps coordinate business planning for the operating companies and the Group as a whole. The proven and carrier-grade client base and data processing capabilities of NeuString’s solution were also important for the Qtel Group in the selection process.


NeuString has not only met all these criteria, but has also provided a rapid and problem-free implementation. As a result, the Qtel Group can now benefit from faster and more precise roaming monitoring and forecasting, allowing the company to focus on maximizing our revenues and profitability.


Jens Nikolaj Aertebjerg, CEO of NeuString said: “We are pleased to have such an innovative operator as the Qtel Group selecting us and utilizing our solution for roaming traffic on both group and individual operator levels. With Qtel Qatar implemented, we are currently engaged in finalizing the next deployments and look forward to working with the other operators within the Qtel Group.”


About NeuString:

NeuString is a privately held software company dedicated to delivering Predictive Analytics software products to Mobile Service Providers. NeuString’s Predictive Analytics product, Optiprizer, allows for a precise and instant data analysis for all services and all subscribers and with an unparalleled granularity allowing for analysis on the individual transaction. The Optiprizer product is utilized for designing of complex price plans, bundles and packages; simulation, monitoring and benchmarking of pricing alternatives; revenue leakage identification; micro segmenting and profiling of mobile users; and not least predicting and even prescribing future profit impacts. Furthermore, the Optiprizer product facilitates detailed budgeting and forecasting split in various ways to cater for Sales, PM, Marketing, Network, and Finance information requirements. With the Optiprizer software suite Mobile Service Providers are able to make concrete strategic decisions based on clear and tangible business insights with an unparalleled short time to market. The NeuString Optiprizer product makes competing on analytics the key competitive factor for Mobile Service Providers. NeuString is an active associate member of the GSM Association. NeuString’s Optiprizer product is utilized by more than 40 Mobile Service Providers in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. NeuString is owned by a group of international private and institutional investors.


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