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NeuString’s new Subscriber Analytics tool optimizes bottom line growth with powerful subscriber data

by david.nunes

NeuString’s new Subscriber Analytics tool optimizes bottom line growth with powerful subscriber data


New product allows forecasting to change from traditional to dynamic.


Dubai, 19 March 2012 – NeuString, the leading supplier of actionable business data analytics software for mobile operators, has expanded its product line with a powerful product to enable global mobile operators to optimize their revenues. Subscriber Analytics is a new software that delivers bottom line growth and unique benefits for mobile operators worldwide. Focusing on retail analysis and retail pricing, the product monitors the usage of individual subscribers. The software maximises margins through enabling tariff customisation, which boosts customer satisfaction, and in turn reduces churn.


NeuString CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Ruben Iversen, said: “With this product operators worldwide will have the ability to not only analyze how to optimize their business, but also to make the ‘big data’ analytics very actionable. It accurately identifies which subscribers to approach with the right offers at the right time. This puts an end to the need to ‘guestimate’ the likelihood of your subscribers propensity to churn, migrate, or be prone to take up new services, and replaces it with accurate and reliable lists of subscribers for all the operators’ activities”.


Subscriber Analytics is an impressive new step for NeuString, improving on their already-successful wholesale analytics software, OptiPrizer. It increases margins as a consequence of more customers being on the optimum tariff. This can lead to profit improvements of up to 22%.


“One of the key strengths of our product is that commercial departments have ‘data on hand on demand’ and are no longer dependent on internal back-end data warehouse departments. They can immediately drill into the data of their subscribers for all services, down to the individual call or event. Our product marks the first time in telecom history the commercial departments are able to compete on analytics with a short time to market. They can immediately evaluate new price plans, competitors’ new market offers, risk profile subscribers, contemplate churn by migrating subscribers to better plans, and a lot more at the tip of their fingers,” added Product Director for NeuString, Nikolaj Chris Jensen.


Subscriber Analytics is the latest software development for NeuString. It has changed the method of forecasting, from traditional to dynamic, which means that subscriber behaviour is anticipated and pre-emptive action can be taken. This in turn improves optimisation through working with accurate data, and creates precise financial performance reports.


NeuString’s CEO, Jens Nikolaj Aertebjerg, adds “With mobile operators’ margins being under pressure all over the world, it is becoming increasingly key for them to be able to work more accurately with their individual subscribers as well as with more and smaller segments. The new Subscriber Analytics product from NeuString helps operators optimize bottom line figures on every subscriber.”


Subscriber Analytics has been designed for mobile operators by professionals who have extensive mobile industry experience.



About NeuString:

NeuString is a privately held software company dedicated to delivering Predictive Analytics software products to Mobile Service Providers. NeuString’s Predictive Analytics software enables mobile operators to monitor subscriber usage and establish optimal go-to-market and pricing strategies for mobile transactions and services.  Analyzing billions of subscriber call events real-time, NeuString provides mobile operators with fast and informed decisions, resulting in qualified profit improvements for all services in any segment. NeuString is an active associate member of the GSM Association. NeuString is owned by a group of international private and institutional investors.


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