by Anthony Weaver
  • Findings suggest many tweets are spontaneous with little input from third parties
  • 14.6% of recent activity were posted between 1am and 5am 
  • 98% of Tweets are made from his iPhone

Zegami, data visualisation company helping businesses unlock their data potential , has reviewed every tweet President Trump has issued between 18th July 2009 and 28th August 2019 (over 40,000), and on average during this period he posted around 11 a day (10.67).  However, for the period 25th May 2019 to 27th August 2019, faced with a growing number of challenges, this increased to 20 a day (19.54).

The analysis also suggests that many of his Tweets are spontaneous with little input from his advisors.  Of some 1,800 tweets he posted between the end of May and August this year, 98% were from his iPhone.  Also, 14.6% were issued between the hours of 1am and 5am.

Time of posting Tweets Percentage of Tweets posted by President Trump between 25th May 2019 and 27th August 2019
Between midnight and 1am4.7%
Between 1.01am and 5am14.6%
Between 5.01 am 7 am0.01%
7.01 am to 12 pm17.51%
12.01pm to 5pm29.85%
5.01pm to 10pm19.94%
10.01 pm to 11.59 pm12.28%


Subject matter of recent tweets

Between 25th May 2019 and 28th August 2019, Donald Trump tweeted 105 times about China and the current trade war with them.  He also posted 26 tweets about the Federal Reserve as he exerts pressure on them to cut interest rates, and there were also 6 personal tweets about Jay Powell, and his performance as Federal Reserve Chair.  In one post at the end of August, he posted ‘my only question is who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?

Despite not being the radar recently, President Trump also managed to issue 32 tweets where he mentioned Hilary Clinton, and 26 tweets mentioning Barack Obama.

Between May 2019 and 28TH August 2019, the three heaviest days of Twitter activity were:

  1. 11th May 2019                   (71 Tweets) (this came on a day when Trump was travelling to his golf club in Virginia)
  2. 1st May 2019                      (68 Tweets) (The day Attorney General William Barr appeared before the judicial committee answering questions about the Mueller report)
  3. 12th July 2019                     (54 Tweets) (Alex Acosta, US Labour Secretary resigns over role in Epstein case.)

President Trump’s top mentions of all time are:

  • @realDonaldTrump         (8638 mentions)
  • @barackobama                 (616 times)
  • @foxnews                          (587 times)

Zegami also revealed some additional facts.

  • He has mentioned Trump 225 this year, God comes second to the President, with just 22 mentions.
  • Former President Obama gets 59 mentions this year, whereas ‘wife’ gets just 11.
  • ‘Fake News Media’ remain an active focus, with 55 mentions

Samuel Conway, CEO and co-founder Zegami, said: “Donald Trump is clearly a prolific force on Twitter, and as he has faced up to growing challenges in recent weeks, he has dramatically increased his use of this social media channel.”

“Analysing his Twitter data and spotting trends and patterns visually gives us an insightful view into how he thinks and what motivates him.”

For further information contact Phil Anderson at Citigate Dewe Rogerson on 0207 025 6494.

About Zegami

Zegami is a data visualisation platform that enables businesses to recognise patterns quickly, analyse information, and find hidden insights by allowing users to search, sort, filter, group and analyse large collections of images and data simply and intuitively.

Launched out of Oxford University in 2016 by its three founders, Samuel Conway, Roger Noble and Stephen Taylor, Zegami is now working with commercial partners from Livetiles and Microsoft to challenge the way organisations manage visual data. They are currently exploring new ideas and making new discoveries for 35 clients and counting, across an ever-growing variety of sectors.


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