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New app technology for hotel chains from Mobile Travel Technologies

by david.nunes


Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd. launches ‘Eleventh Hour Hotels’ app to remove the reliance on costly intermediaries

Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd. (MTT) announces the launch of its same-day mobile booking app, Eleventh Hour Hotels, which offers hotel chains the first ‘white-labelling’ alternative to the last-minute booking apps which force hotels to comply with intermediaries’ and specialist same-day booking apps’ business models.

The MTT Eleventh Hour Hotels app addresses the issues of inventory control, revenue cannibalization and commission in the same-day booking market ensuring that hotel chains have the ability to sell their distressed inventory through their own branded app and at a fraction of the cost charged by hotel intermediaries.

With no up-front cost and containing only the hotel chain’s properties, the hotel chain can have a dedicated app with which it can control what discounts it offers, the inventory it discounts and importantly who it promotes the last-minute channel to. Moreover the hotels can control the time of day and which days they promote last-minute inventory.

“With the current last-minute booking apps on the market, hotels are losing up to 30% of revenue in commission or merchant cut. Considering that the rate may already be heavily discounted, there is only a small slice of the pie left for the hotel as profit. Through MTT’s Eleventh Hour Hotels app, hotels secure last-minute bookings while achieving a healthier yield on their rooms,” says MTT’s CEO, Gerry Samuels.

The app design has undergone extensive usability testing to ensure a quick and easy booking flow and has a strong end-user experience such as providing directions to the hotel from where the customer is at the time of booking.

Requiring no technical input from hotels, MTT can provide an exceptionally quick time to market; ensuring hotels can launch their own branded same-day booking app within a matter of weeks.

MTT’s CEO Gerry Samuels continues, “When looking to capture the growing and competitive same-day booking market, it’s important for hotel chains to have control over how they target and attract this business. Our app solution allows the hotel to target new customers and retain ownership of the guest relationship. Before Eleventh Hour Hotels, there was no app which enabled a hotel chain to promote its last-minute inventory through its own branded mobile channel.”

Benefits for hotel chains to have their own same-day booking app include greater control around their pricing, the exclusive deals they want to offer, the number of rooms available each day and critically, how they promote it to ensure incremental bookings and not cannibalize existing customers. Importantly, the only competition in the app will be between hotels from the same chain. Moreover, for those hotel chains without a mobile offering yet, it is the ideal way to get a foot on the mobile ladder while selling last-minute empty rooms.

About Eleventh Hour Hotels App
The name ‘Eleventh Hour’ is derived from the phrase at the Eleventh Hour meaning
at the last possible moment. The Eleventh Hour app enables hotel chains to find new customers for tonight’s unbooked rooms and provides a solution for hotels to offer their own branded mobile app to target the growing same-day booking market without cannibalizing existing customers who book in advance and pay higher rates. The Eleventh Hour app charges a small commission at the time of booking. For more details visit www.eleventh-hour.com.

About Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd.

Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd. (MTT) is the leading mobile travel technology specialist for hotels, airlines and other travel suppliers with an extensive customer base across the global travel industry. MTT combines unrivalled travel industry expertise, talented mobile developers, creative mobile designers, usability experts and the world’s best mobile travel platform to power high performing mobile sites and apps which generate millions of pounds in m-commerce revenue per week. MTT clients include leading brands such as the Jumeirah Group, Atlantis the Palm Dubai, Malmaison, Qantas Group’s Jetstar, easyJet, Flybe and transavia.com of the Air France KLM Group. For more details visit www.mttnow.com.

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