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New ATIS Standard Advances National Emergency Address Database Build-Out

by david.nunes

New ATIS Standard Advances National Emergency Address Database Build-Out

WASHINGTON, DC –  ATIS today announced release of a new standard, entitled Location Accuracy Improvements for Emergency Calls (ATIS-0700028 v1.1), which defines the architecture and requirements for build out of the 9-1-1 National Emergency Address Database (NEAD), as well as how information in the database is processed. NEAD will store information related to the location of Wi-Fi access points and Bluetooth beacons in an effort to provide dispatchable location information to public safety officials.

“With the proliferation of wireless mobile devices that are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, it is imperative that these devices have the ability to tap into those resources to augment existing methods that allow an emergency caller’s location to be known,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “This new standard marks yet another of our many contributions toward enhancing the effectiveness of wireless emergency 9-1-1 services and supporting public safety officials.”

This ATIS standard was developed in response to a voluntary agreement for improving location accuracy for emergency calls developed and signed by APCO, NENA, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. The agreement includes a roadmap for technology changes that was submitted to the FCC in response to an FCC initiative (proceeding 07-114) to provide a number of improvements to emergency location capabilities. The new ATIS Standard specifically supports the goals stated in the roadmap.

Access the new standard in the ATIS Document Center, your leading resource for technical operations standards for the global ICT industry that are produced by ATIS Committees and Forums.  Visit: www.atis.org/docstore/product.aspx?id=28273.

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