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New ‘Captive Access’ Wifi Solution from Ormit Solutions

by david.nunes

First Affordable Retail Cloud WiFi hotspot solution to truly capture

and leverage customer information now available worldwide

Tanaza and Ormit Solutions Ltd team up to launch Captive Access, an easy to deploy, cost
effective one click multiple access point solution for WiFi that also offers powerful marketing

29 May 2013, Leyland, UK – Ormit Solutions Ltd & Tanaza announced today the availability of a
brand new multi‐vendor Wi‐Fi solution ‘Captive Accesss’ that enables retail stores, shopping malls,
restaurants and cafés to leverage the impact of their customer hotspots. Ormit’s Captive Access
increases customer satisfaction by offering marketing activities before and after the use of Tanaza’s Wi‐Fi solution, and its design means customers do not need to buy the latest and most expensive hardware.

Using Captive Access clients can easily create a custom splash page that then collects useful opt‐incustomer data which is stored on an online account. This information can be downloaded as a simple file, or as an API which can easily be integrated to an email programme such as Mailchimp or other leading edge solution.

Captive Access is a competitively priced solution that is suitable for clients of all sizes. The powerful configuration of the could based management system developed by Tanaza means that clients can not only easily install Wi‐Fi in their business, but also have the ability to control multiple and various access points from one website with the added capability of being able to update firmware from one place.

Sebastiano Bertani, CEO of Tanaza, said: “A key element of our strategy is to partner with the best companies available in each specific market. CaptiveAccess perfectly complements the Tanaza offering for the retail vertical; shopping malls, for example, can easily leverage their Wi‐Fi in order to engage customers, offer special promotions, track purchase behaviours. Thanks to the Captive Access splash page management solution and the Tanaza multi‐vendor Wi‐Fi management infrastructure, any retail store, restaurant or cafe worldwide can now get a complete solution regardless of their budget”.

Tim Ormrod , CEO of Ormit Solutions Ltd and creator of “CaptiveAccess”, continues “Joining forces with Tanaza to create an instantly deployable portal that is available on multiple manufacturers access points made perfect sense for us . I do not know of an easier or more affordable solution that offers these benefits. “

Sebastiano continues: “Some clients just want to offer basic internet access to allow customers to connect to the internet as cheaply as possible collecting their personal details on the way. Others, such as shopping malls for example, have the desire to stream high‐definition video advertisements on tablet devices such as an iPad, and perhaps even track activity while the customer walks around, requiring more powerful hardware. Both of these scenarios are entirely possible using Tanaza and Captive Access and we can support both.”

Luigi Salvadori, IT Manager of LeCorti one of the largest shopping malls located in North Italy, has
deployed Captive Access. He says: “Tanaza allowed us to take control of the Wi‐Fi that we offer to shoppers and retailers. We now know if the Access Points are alive or not or if there are issues on the uplink. I can see from my iPad if the network is running okay or not, even from home. It’s incredible how cloud management makes life easier without spending a fortune!”

Vittorio Poretti (Arcoretail), director of the LeCorti mall, continues: Tanaza and CaptiveAccess allows our Marketing Manager to edit content seen by shoppers and run promotions and information about events in real time thanks to a dedicated control panel. Customers feel engaged and happier and we find the solution really helps us to define their needs and wants”.

And the solution also appeals to wireless Resellers. Andre Claude, a Systems Integrator that brought Tanaza to Darty Italy, said “Tanaza has been the key to become free from the vendor‐lock in and offer to retail stores, such as Darty, a multi‐vendor solution that is cloud based and does not require expensive hardware controllers that are usually an overkill in retail contexts. CaptiveAccess and Tanaza are a complete solution that completely satisfies the Retail market requirements for Wi‐Fi”.

About Ormit Solutions Ltd
Ormit Solutions developed Captive Access. Ormit is a leading Information Technology provider based in Leyland , UK . Providing Web Development and Bespoke Application Development , the company was founded in 2011 by Tim Ormrod, a Senior Director with over 12 years of experience in WIFI, Voip, and networking. Contact us: http://www.ormit.co.uk/ Ormit Solutions, Leyland, Preston, Lancashire . PR25 3ES. 0845 617 1499.

About Tanaza
Founded in 2010, Tanaza’s mission is to make Wi‐Fi management easy and affordable, by removing the need for expensive hardware controllers and enabling remote management of any vendor access points in multiple locations through one intuitive interface.

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