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New Compact Oslo Unveiled at IBC2012

by david.nunes

New Compact Oslo Unveiled at IBC2012

Belfast, 21st August 2012 – An exciting new addition to APT’s range of Audio over IP codecs will be unveiled at the IBC 2012 trade show in Amsterdam. The new 1U Oslo chassis offers unprecedented channel density, supporting 16 channels of audio within a single unit of rackspace.

The multi-channel Oslo codec platform has long been a flagship product for APT, with several hundreds of units installed in the networks of public and commercial broadcasters worldwide. Now, in response to evolving broadcaster requirements, APT has developed both an alternative format for the Oslo and a new Audio over IP (AoIP) module.

Despite the smaller footprint, the new 1U Oslo retains many of the key characteristics which have led broadcasters such as the BBC, EBU, the ARD Group and Clear Channel, NYC to select the Oslo as their platform for national and international audio distribution. Fully DSP-based with dual power supplies and hot-swappable modules, the 1U Oslo provides a solid and reliable base for mission-critical studio-to-studio and studio-to-transmitter links.

The 1U Oslo also retains the modularity of its larger 3U counterpart, offering the ability to add up to 4 AoIP modules. Each AoIP module is, in itself, equivalent to a stand-alone stereo duplex audio codec combining audio, dual IP transport and auxiliary data on board. Simplex, quad-channel modules will be available by the end of 2012.

A key advantage of the AoIP module is its ability to deliver independently-clocked IP audio streams, eliminating the issues of clock drift associated with streaming multiple channels over IP to a single decoder. The card can therefore decode any channel, in any audio format, from anywhere. The AoIP module can also generate many more streams per stereo or mono signal using multiple unicast or multicast technology.

The AoIP module supports APT’s award-winning SureStream technology, which enables broadcast quality audio over public internet links, thus creating huge operational savings for broadcasters.

Commenting on the launch, Kevin Campbell, Sales Director for APT stated, “For broadcasters without the available space or budgets of the major networks, the 1U Oslo offers a cost-effective and compact codec platform for state-of-the-art IP audio distribution. Now, with both 1U and 3U formats available as well as the new AoIP module, the Oslo product offering remains unrivalled in the industry in terms of performance over IP, audio quality, stability and channel density.”

APT’s 1U Oslo with AoIP module and SureStream technology will be demonstrated on the WorldCast Systems’ stand 8.B50 at IBC 2012.

About WorldCast Systems

WorldCast Systems (www.worldcastsystems.com) is a world-class provider of innovative solutions to the international broadcast market.

Encompassing the industry-leading brands of APT, Ecreso and Audemat, WorldCast Systems offers a wide range of reliable, innovative and high performing products for the studio site, transmitter site and the coverage area. Product lines include: highly reliable and efficient FM Transmitters, audio codecs for IP, E1/T1, ISDN and leased line, world-class RDS encoders, digital audio processors, high precision test equipment for FM, GPS field strength meters for HD, FM, and DVB with built-in modulation monitors; RF monitoring equipment; and extensive remote facility management for broadcast.

WorldCast Systems’ focus on innovation has ensured that group products have been selected for over 15 prestigious awards at the NAB Show.


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