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New contracts boost Nova Incepta’s Middle East repair business

by david.nunes

04 October, 2011




“Enterprise networks need to sweat their assets through repair contracts as much as operators,” says Nova’s Mitch Reynolds


Two new customers in the Middle East have strengthened Nova Incepta’s Repair business in the region. They also demonstrate the range of organisations that are coming to rely on repair and replacement arrangements to optimize their network investment and extend the life of their networks. The first runs an extensive enterprise network for a large mobile workforce in Saudi Arabia, the second is a former national telecoms operator with a network that includes a number of technologies from different vendors at different stages in their lifecycle.


Nova Incepta, the UK-based international telecommunications engineering consultancy group, has already established a key consultancy presence in the Middle East, advising a number of public and private sector clients on their next generation network needs.  These are the first new Repair and Replace contracts in the region and significantly extend the company’s Middle East activities into this increasingly important area of support.  It follows a number of recent Repair contract wins in AsiaPac and Europe, including further wins in the large enterprise market.


“Large enterprise telecom networks suffer the same end of life issues as service providers but don’t have the scale or resource to manage them as well,” said Mitch Reynolds, General Manager, Independent Technology Assistance Division at Nova Incepta. “They often have older networks with small repair volumes which don’t justify investment. We frequently find that these issues are best solved through replacements from the secondary market.”


Nova’s Saudi Arabian enterprise network customer is using a mixture of multi-vendor legacy and next generation equipment to run a nationwide network on behalf of a public sector organisation. The network includes C-MUX access equipment, Meridian PABXs, optical and microwave transmission, amongst other equipment. Nova Incepta has put in place a Repair and Replace solution using its own expertise and working with a number of best-in-class technology partners which are helping to extend the life of the network.


“After the declaration of end of support, some operators are continuing to run the network and surviving off their pre-existing spares or even network resilience. This works for a period and then becomes too risky – at this point Nova Incepta is ready and able to help by providing a new repair solution or sourcing additional replacements,” added Mitch Reynolds.


Nova Incepta has an extensive team consisting of many of the world’s leading experts in telecoms and telephony, engineers who have often been involved in the concept and design of previous generations of voice and data transmission. The company has a comprehensive global reach and the expertise to help in difficult cases, where equipment may need to be repaired in order to extend the working life of the existing network, maintain service levels and optimize costs.


“Whilst networks are evolving rapidly and next generation technologies are important for the future prosperity of the region, looking after legacy infrastructures still makes sound economic sense alongside new investment. Our local presence, established customer base and understanding of the Middle East region have made us the obvious partner to talk to for these specialist services. More and more organizations are coming to our Independent Technology Assistance division for support for their legacy systems,” said Richard Kendall, Nova Incepta’s Managing Director, Europe.




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About Nova Incepta

Nova Incepta is a telecoms engineering consultancy that operates globally to provide people and skills for telecoms projects. The company delivers a proven range of engineering, operations, regulatory and sales consultancy services to the telecoms industry, in areas such as network transformation, network interconnect, optimisation and security, legacy technology support and training & education.


Established in 2006, Nova Incepta provides an answer to the huge demand for knowledge and skills in Next Generation Architecture (NGA), TDM to IP migration, and interim TDM sustain. The company operates primarily in public fixed and mobile networks, and very large enterprises – typically government, utilities and transport organisations. Headquartered in London the company has operations in Central Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.




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