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New General Satellite set-top box receiving terrestrial and satellite signal entering the market

by david.nunes

New General Satellite set-top box receiving terrestrial and satellite signal entering the market

In September 2014 the GS Group investment and industry holding company launched a multiple-unit set-top box called the GS E212. It is the first unit design in the line of receivers under the General Satellite brand that is able to receive both satellite and terrestrial signals. An innovative solution that has been specifically developed for the largest Russian satellite operator, Tricolor TV is setting a new standard for digital TV equipment in the local market.

The multifunctional set-top box, GS E212 with the capability to support multiple streaming formats is designed to simplify users’ transition from familiar analog broadcasting to digital television, which is implemented within the All-Russian program of TV digitization within 2008-2019. According to the data by various analytical agencies, more than 60 million people in Russia now view satellite TV channels.

Currently, digital set-top boxes suitable to only receive one type of signal are used for satellite television viewing. To even gain access of regional content of federal TV channels including the first and second multiplexes, as well as regional DVB-T2 format channels, subscribers need to purchase and install additional equipment. The GS E212 multi-unit HD receiver that was developed by GS Group aims to eliminate additional costs to subscribers by combining FTA and Pay-TV into one device.

The design of the new set-top box comprises two independent tuners to receive DVB-T2 and DVB-S/S2 signals. Such a device allows satellite subscribers to gain access to content broadcasted by digital terrestrial television networks. First and second multiplex FTA channels will be continuously available for viewing regardless of the presence of signal.

GS Group’s new fully designed and manufactured set-top box device will now meet international standards and have specifications to support HD-TV channels. The GS E212 model is powered by two technological solutions, one being based on the central chip provided by STMicroelectronics, a GS Group partner, and the other being crypto processor GS Lanthanum which is an in-house development of GS Nanotech, a GS Group subsidiary.

GS E212 provides for the reception of DVB-S/S2 in the full range of 950-2150 MHz of coded FTA TV and radio channels, as well as DVB-T2 in the full range of 110-862 MHz of FTA TV and radio channels. Stingray, software developed by the GS Group for digital TV set-top boxes, has been enhanced specifically for the multiple-unit receiver. The device has an up-to-date graphical user interface, a set of built-in applications and games, a full spectrum of services like subtitles and teletext, as well as an attractive design.

The new set-top box GS E212 will feature the General Satellite unique electronic warranty. After registering the device through Internet, if a failure is detected, the customer only needs to contact a General Satellite authorized service center and would not need to present a receipt or warranty certificate to receive service. This innovative approach to service significantly simplifies the usage of this state-of-the-art subscriber equipment for users and is an important initiative from the GS Group to improve service quality.

“The GS E212 set-top box was designed with due regard for broadcasting digitization objectives in Russia and, in our opinion, will be in high demand by the consumer. It allows users to significantly save on their purchase of receiving equipment and to receive additionally to their satellite operator HD-channels all free-to-air terrestrial content broadcasted within the region with digital quality and supporting HD format. It will also save the customer from the need to use additional devices for receiving various types of signals”, – commented Andrew Bezrukov, Director for Strategic Marketing, GS Group.

A 100,000 units batch of GS E212 digital set-top box will be available for retail sale by the end of autumn 2014.

Additional information

GS Group is an international investment and industry holding, operating using its own high technology in telecommunications and innovation. The international headquarters are located in Zug, Switzerland.

Key activities are: the implementation of international broadcasting projects, nanomaterial and microelectronic R&D and mass-production; deep wood processing; investment in venture projects; media content production and management; software products design and integration; full-service advertisement; logistics and trade.



GS Nanotech is a microelectronic product development and manufacturing center. It is the only back-end facility in Russia that provides multi-chip design and packaging using SiP (System-in-Package) technology. GS Nanotech offers customers worldwide digital, analogue and hybrid microcircuit and multi-chip unit assembly in various types of BGA, LGA, QFN packages, as well as a full range of integrated circuit automated functional testing services in compliance with JEDEC standards.


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