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New generation TV connected to Andicom 2008

by david.nunes
39717NexTV 2008

New generation TV connected to Andicom 2008

Digital television, multimedia services over IP networks and mobile TV can be a reality and, of course, a great business opportunity for telecom operators and companies that are currently developing services, solutions and applications that revolve around the world of content. Therefore, this year Telecommunications Congress Andicom integrates the telecom industry with the world of content and audiovisual technology. Thus, within Andicom 2008 will take place the NexTV Summit 2008, organized by the Telecommunications Research Center (CINTEL) and TV Telco Latam. The NexTV 2008 will bring together executives, regulators and professionals on multimedia services over IP networks, digital TV, online TV and mobile TV, throughout Latin America. The first regional debate will take place on Friday October 31st in the Main Academic Forum of Andicom 2008, in Cartagena de Indias. The road show NexTV 2008 will continue on November 19th and 20th in Buenos Aires (Argentina), headed by TVTelco Latam, the community of IPTV and mobile TV executives in Latin America. The Summit in Cartagena will feature three panels. The first, called IPTV 2.0, where technology providers will discuss new developments and challenges that IP technology brings: video on demand, interactive and segmented advertising, convergence between IPTV and WebTV, FTTH (fiber to the home) and next generation set-top boxes, protection of digital content and convergence with mobile. In the second panel, Mobile TV, broadcasters and cellular operators will analyze the model that was imposed in Colombia and Latin America and how it affects the actual business of each of them. Mobile TV: paid, free or hybrid? What technologies will win: DVB-H, Media Flo, MPH, IDSB, DMB-T, MBMS, Unicast on 3G, IPTV on WiMAX? Which might be complementary? In the third panel, IPTV and regulation, telecom operators and industry authorities will discuss the entrances and regulatory barriers for the development of TV’s future in Colombia and Latin America. The CNTV in ANDICOM 2008 As part of the socialization process of the Digital TV standard in Colombia, recently elected by the National Television Commission (CNTV), this institution wants to take advantage from ANDICOM´s call to discuss how will be done the country’s transition from analog TV to digital TV. The Commission will develop a talk under the Main Academic Forum of ANDICOM, while demonstrations of the DVB-H technology will be carried out in conjunction with private sector companies in the Great Barahona Room, and will be extended to U-CITY Pavilion where lectures on adoption practices and implementation of technology will take place. The TV also is a business for operators In ANDICOM, telecom operators may know how audiovisual content can become a profitable business supported by advertising schemes and innovative applications that allow users to choose the content they want to see anytime and anywhere. To find these and more alternatives, Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks will have their booth at the products and applications trade show. For its part, in the Pavilion of U-CITY will be found an interactive digital TV of Telmex, supported by Motorola technology, and there will be demonstrations of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in the home module. Likewise, under the Academic Forum of Andicom the seminar “Mobile as 7th Mass Media” will be held by Tomi Ahonen, strategic consultant worldwide leader in 3G. In this seminar, which will take place on October 30th, will be exposed how the cellular and mobile devices could be stronger than the TV or the Internet, viewed as a channel of advertising and media. Ahonen will present seven unique competitive advantages that mobile devices and phones have, and will be provided study cases from Japan and England in the way that innovative companies are building significant opportunities in this new media channel. It will also be there Patricia Janiot, Senior anchor of CNN en español, who will speak about the convergence of new media. For further information about the NexTV Summit: CINTEL +57 1 6353538 ext. 162 Carolina Gamboa, Project Professional. E-mail: cgamboa@cintel.org.co

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