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New partnership to ignite Brazil’s industrial automation market–Industrial IoT impact

by Anthony Weaver

IOTech and Baumier Automation partner to ignite Brazil’s Industrial Automation Market

Partnership will accelerate digital transformation within industries including oil and gas, energy, food and beverage, mining, steel mill and sugar production

Edinburgh, UK (3rd November, 2022) – IOTech, the edge software company, today announced its partnership with Baumier Automation to help create business opportunities and ignite Industrial IoT innovation in the Brazilian market. Baumier Automation selected IOTech’s Edge Xpert, an open and flexible industrial edge software platform, to deliver Industrial IoT capabilities to their customers.

About the partnership

Baumier Automation supports customers in the oil and gas, energy, food and beverage, mining, steel mill and sugarcane industries.  The partnership with IOTech provides Baumier Automation the capability to help customers accelerate their digital transformation journey.  Now, these customers can achieve their objectives of increasing performance, reducing maintenance time and reducing loss of inputs, all while ensuring improved working conditions and delivering greater operational productivity.

IOTech’s Edge Xpert is a commercial and fully supported version of EdgeX Foundry, the world’s leading ecosystem-enabled open platform for the IoT edge. Edge Xpert has many industrial-grade OT and IT connectors for integration with both edge devices and cloud systems, respectively. Edge Xpert provides Baumier with multiple benefits, including a flexible and modular software architecture that can easily connect to, and collect, data from the many types of OT devices used in Brazilian industrial environments.

“IOTech is pleased to partner with Baumier Automation to provide advanced Industrial IoT capabilities within the Brazilian market,” said Keith Steele, CEO of IOTech Systems. “This collaboration presents further evidence that through our open, comprehensive and flexible edge solutions, we’re continuing to drive Industrial IoT innovation and adoption.”

What the partnership provides the IIoT industry

Baumier Automation provides quality, trust, credibility and expertise in the process of collecting, processing and delivering data. It does this by providing solutions and products for communication, IoT and cyber security. Edge Xpert enhances Baumier’s service portfolio by supporting use cases including condition monitoring (real state of assets), predictive maintenance and energy monitoring.

“Our partnership with IOTech provides a great opportunity to help revolutionize Industrial automation in Brazil,” said Newton de Carvalho Fernandez, IoT Business Unit Leader at Baumier Automation. “Edge Xpert accelerates our delivery of much needed edge computing solutions to our customers. The open and extensible nature of the platform, combined with our industry and market expertise, will help our customers achieve their business goals as quickly as possible.” 

About IOTech

IOTech develops market leading open edge computing and management software products for the edge infrastructure market. Our software products are embedded into the edge solution offerings of major OEMs, ISVs and Systems Integrators. We are their solution of choice  because we provide the capability to accelerate the development, deployment, and management at scale of edge applications within their customer base. Our growing list of channel partners includes Schneider Electric, Accenture, Johnson Controls, Mitsubishi Power, Intel, and more. We have established a strong reputation within the industrial edge ecosystem thanks to our early involvement and material contributions to EdgeX Foundry, the most widely used open-source edge software platform (10 million+ downloads).

About Baumier 

Baumier Automation assists industries in the process of collecting, processing and delivering data by providing solutions and distributing products for communication, IoT and Cyber Security with quality, trust, credibility and specialized knowledge.Further information at www.baumier.com.br.

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