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New revenue opportunities for Mobile Network Operators

by david.nunes

Real-time rating, charging and policy management are changing telecoms business

Paderborn (Germany) 19 October 2010: Handsets, using the widespread availability of mobile broadband, consuming bandwidth-intensive video content and applications, are causing operators serious problems. These problems are shrinking margins and rising network costs. Orga Systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, provides a unique combination of real-time charging, billing and policy management that meets operators’ demands and customers’ wishes. This is the way to generate revenue from mobile data services again and, at the same time, boost customer satisfaction.

NG Mobile Data Services vs. Vanilla Voice Services
Analysts estimate an annual growth rate of 42 to 55 percent for mobile data usage in saturated markets – in contrast to mobile data revenues, which are expected to grow by about 18 percent. The reason for this is that today’s “all-you-can-eat” tariffs don’t allow for operators to capitalize on mobile data usage. Making the problem worse, profitable voice services further decline as texting and mobile messaging are subscribers’ preferred means of communication. Necessary investments into the transition to 4G are further troubling operators.

Real-time based solutions for new revenue opportunities
To grow profitably in the long run, operators need to rely on real-time based billing systems, allowing for usage-based or tiered billing. This is the only way forward. During Futurecom 2010 in São Paulo, Orga Systems will showcase its cutting edge real-time based solutions, opening up new revenue opportunities for mobile network operators.
A key note presentation, highlighting Orga Systems’ real time expertise, will take place on Wednesday 27th October at 5.20 pm.

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