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New Sepaton S2100-ES3 backup and recovery appliance extends formidable performance lead and adds encryption

by david.nunes

New Sepaton S2100-ES3 backup and recovery appliance extends formidable performance lead and adds encryption

New product delivers blazing time to safety up to 80 TB/hour­ and adds encryption of data at rest without performance penalty

Sepaton, the maker of the world’s fastest backup and recovery solution, has announced the immediate availability of the S2100-ES3 series 2925 purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA) with version 7.0 software. The enterprise-class data protection platform features new processing nodes and enhanced multiprotocol network connectivity options (8-Gb Fibre Channel, 1-Gb Ethernet, and 10-Gb Ethernet) to nearly double its data ingest performance to up to 80 TB/hour, two to eight times faster than its nearest competitors. New high-performance compression cards deliver both compression and encryption of data at rest in a unified pipeline without slowing performance. The product continues to feature Hitachi Data Systems storage arrays.

“This product is specifically designed to address the challenges facing today’s enterprise and government data centres: explosive data growth, budget constraints, costly data centre complexity, and increasing risk,” said Mike Thompson, president and CEO, Sepaton. “With the amount of actively managed storage continuing to expand at 20 percent-plus per year, conventional, non-scalable backup systems are not robust enough to meet today’s data growth challenges, let alone tomorrow’s. The new Sepaton product delivers the performance needed to meet the most stringent backup windows, the flexibility to adapt to changes in IT infrastructures, and the added security of encryption of data at rest. It underscores our position as the safest choice for large enterprise and government data protection.”

“Without a scalable, backup and recovery solution designed for large data centre environments, the cost and complexity of data protection and security can quickly overwhelm a large enterprise or government agency,” said Jason Buffington, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Today’s large IT organisations are cutting costs by investing in better approaches to deduplication, more scalable/manageable data protection architectures and smarter synergies between software and hardware. With this product release, Sepaton builds upon its heritage of scale-out deduplication for large enterprises to deliver systems like the Sepaton S2100-ES3, which they designed to enable a single administrator to manage tens of petabytes of data within a single system, in order to help their customers control costs, maintain high levels of service and protect important corporate information in very large production environments.”

Encryption of Data at Rest

Most large enterprises and government agencies have deployed separate encryption for different types or sources of data, creating an increasingly complex and costly multi-vendor key management environment. Sepaton’s new encryption of data at rest capability addresses this challenge by integrating with industry standard interoperability protocols for encryption key managers (EKM) to simplify encryption key management and significantly reduce operational costs. Furthermore, unlike competing solutions, Sepaton encrypts data at rest while maintaining its blazing fast time to safety and industry-leading backup performance.

The new Sepaton product integrates with EKMs that are compliant with industry-standard Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), enabling enterprises and government agencies to take advantage of interoperability across encryption and key management systems. The S2100-ES3 series 2925 is currently fully qualified with the RSA DPM and Thales e-Security keyAuthority 4.0 appliances.

“Encryption is taking centre stage as a strategic IT security issue, however key management remains a challenge that can rapidly escalate as the use of encryption becomes more widespread,” said Richard Moulds, vice president strategy, Thales e-Security. We are pleased to be working with Sepaton to help organisations address the cost and complexity of encryption key management with keyAuthority, Thales e-Security’s high assurance, centralised and automated key manager with full support for the OASIS KMIP standard.”

New in Sepaton’s S2100-ES3 series 2925 purpose-built backup appliance with version 7.0 software:

Blazing Fast Performance – The S2100 appliance features HP ProLiant DL380p Gen 8-based processing nodes, Intel Xeon E5-2690, 8-core dual-CPU 2.90GHz, and 128-GB RAM DDR3 memory. It is designed to deliver guaranteed high performance; industry-leading encryption, deduplication and replication. It is built for large enterprise data volumes with high-performance Exar 1845 compression cards.

Enhanced Connectivity Options – The new nodes feature four 8-Gb Fibre Channel connections, two 8-Gb Fibre Channel connections to storage, two 10-Gb Ethernet, and

four 1-Gb Ethernet connections for faster ingest performance and multiprotocol support.

Fastest Time to Safety – The new Sepaton S2100 product features encryption of data at rest with no backup performance penalty, regardless of data type or change rate. It integrates with all OASIS KMIP compliant EKMs and is currently qualified with RSA and Thales, with more in process. It simplifies key management, reduces operational costs, and eliminates key manager vendor lock-in.

Simple, Cost Effective Implementation – Encryption can be licensed at time

of purchase or enabled later, helping to reduce complexity and risk.

Pricing and Availability

Sepaton S2100-ES3 with version 7.0 software is immediately available. List pricing for the S2100-ES3 Series 2925 starts at $355,000. The encryption option is licensed separately.

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Photo of S2100-ES3 series 2925 purpose-built backup appliance with version 7.0 software:


About Sepaton

Sepaton delivers the world’s fastest enterprise backup and recovery solution. It is designed specifically for enterprise IT organisations that manage extremely large and growing volumes of data, that must be backed up within tight time windows – every time, guaranteed – and that require the fastest possible recovery in the event of a failure. Sepaton’s patented scale-out DeltaScale architecture enables high performance and modular expansion to provide centralised protection of massive data volumes. Sepaton is the safe choice for large enterprises and government data centres. Sepaton is headquartered in Marlborough, MA, with offices in London. For additional information visit http://www.Sepaton.com.

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