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New SIMPLATE technology launches today at Cartes set to revolutionise consumer engagement within retail

by david.nunes

New real-time media communications payment device set to increase retail sales in-store

SIMPLATE unveiled at CARTES to thousands of banking and retail professionals

Paris, France 6 November 2012: A new multimedia payment terminal has been launched today to heighten consumer engagement at the checkout and create greater brand and retailer loyalty. SIMPLATE, a new media communication device has today been launched by Synqera, an innovative technology firm, to reach out to the 60% of consumers who are willing to pay more for a product in a store they are loyal to.

SIMPLATE sits next to a retailer’s point-of-sale system and utilises real-time media communications to make the service process easier and more efficient, engaging customers with colourful and interactive scenarios. SIMPLATE drives up sale, collects customer feedback, allows retailers to enhance loyalty through increased interaction and provides a highly targeted advertising platform by utilising multiple data streams collected by SIMPLATE and the retailer to target consumers personally, as well as providing a contactless payment point

Kirill Gorynya, CEO, from Synqera said: “Consumer loyalty and customer engagement is an important factor for businesses in the competitive retail environment and in times of economic difficulty it’s important to keep these factors at the front of mind. In response to this Synqera has created SIMPLATE, a technology device to increase customer engagement when at the checkout – a place where payment, service and identification intersect.

“The device utilises a combination of new media and consumer electronics best practices brought to the retail environment, with numerous possibilities for high quality interactive content creation and management.”

Synqera, the innovative technology company behind SIMPLATE launched the product today to the banking sector at CARTES, a digital security and payment solutions exhibition in Paris.  Using the exhibition to showcase the product’s engagement possibilities, the company has already received positive feedback from the payment technology community.

Synqera’s team has combined expertise spanning technology and new media innovations including payment technologies, Big Data analytics, web, mobile, consumer electronics, FMCG marketing and even film. Together their united vision is a new concept of business-to-consumer technology expected to create a buzz amongst retailers and brands alike.

SIMPLATE features a touch screen, camera, microphone and near field communication (NFC) support, allowing retailers to establish real-time data analysis, certified security and ultimate connectivity.

Kirill continues: “CARTES provides the ideal setting for us to reveal our first complex hardware and software solution and we have already seen interest surrounding the product from the Sesames awards where we have been shortlisted in the e-Transactions category.

“SIMPLATE is the solution for retailers to gain 360 degree insight, loyalty and feedback from consumers that has never before been combined in a single device. At last there is an opportunity for business to tell their personal story, whilst also learning about the stories of their customers too”

For more information about Synqera visit www.synqera.com.

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