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New Software Company Launches Breakthrough Software Solution to Help Unlock Profit for Construction Industry

by david.nunes

New Software Company Launches Breakthrough Software Solution to Help Unlock Profit for Construction Industry

· Specifically designed to meet the needs of recession-hit construction industry

· Provides the operational insight and financial transparency for profitable decision-making

· Integrated suite manages full lifecycle of construction projects

· Affordable replacement for mix of manual and old software systems used by most small/medium construction companies

· Special launch price available for first movers

· Endorsed by Construction Industry Federation of Ireland (CIF)

· Also launching today, the InBusiness Accounting Suite

Making a profit from construction projects may have gotten a little easier today with the launch of the COMSS InBusiness Construction Suite. This new software package contains five integrated modules that cover the entire construction project lifecycle: Estimating; Job Costing; Accounting; Subcontractor Management and Plant Management.

InBusiness has been developed by a software company – called COMSS – that was formed specifically to deliver new software solutions to the hard-pressed construction industry. At the heart of the software package is a very powerful Accounting Suite that is designed to provide construction companies the financial visibility and operational insight to ensure profitable construction projects.

This breakthrough solution is a result of creative collaboration between Brian Loughran, a veteran of the construction industry with 40 years experience, and a young software talent, John Tallon. The combination has produced a powerful tool designed to help reinvigorate the construction sector.

Profitability designed-in
The InBusiness Construction Suite enables increased competitiveness, lower cost and more efficient operations as well as smarter, more informed decisions.

It can be run by fewer administrative staff and requires less time and cost to implement than traditional software. It is optimised to deliver enhanced profitability because it has been built with these goals in mind:

· Thinking Lean – COMSS removed any feature or function that was not essential to the success of the business or the construction project and as a result has created streamlined workflows for greater efficiency and effectiveness

· Eliminating repetition – COMSS enabled all the modules to draw on a common record so that data only has to be entered once – saving users – and the business significant time and money

· Improving financial and operational visibility – COMSS built in alerts to warn of potential risks and, functions to capture data at key points in a project so that decisions can be taken more quickly and with greater certainty

· Improving project profitability – COMSS designed all the modules to integrate and work with the same user interface and developed an incredibly powerful accounts package at the heart of the InBusiness Construction Suite so that the financial implications of every project transaction could be seen automatically.

Brian Loughran, Chairman at COMSS, said: “We created the InBusiness Construction Suite because we recognise that just working harder is no longer a solution. Construction companies need the software tools to succeed in the world we live in today not use something that was created during a boom economy.”

John Tallon, Director of Product Development at COMSS, said: The InBusiness Construction Suite provides all the functions you need to run a lean and profitable construction business. All the modules are optimised to identify project profitability at key points in the project and enable you to take the right action at the right time. And, our simple subscription-based pricing means we’ve removed any barriers to a leaner, fitter business future.”

Tom Parlon, Director General of CIF, said: “In today’s ferociously competitive world, construction companies need to do more with fewer resources. They need to do it to a better quality and they need to do it faster. Satisfying these needs has been designed-in to the COMSS software. That’s why the Federation fully endorses the InBusiness Construction Suite.”

Flexible subscription model
The InBusiness Construction Suite is available immediately. It can be purchased as a perpetual license or on an annual basis. Subscription licensing removes the need for any upfront payment for licenses and a fixed annual license fee eases cash flow.

Additional modules can be added to the license at any time during the subscription period. That means no more software sitting on the shelf unused.

The annual subscription includes the use of COMSS Support Services and entitles you to all major and minor releases that become available during the subscription period.

Launch offer gives early movers even lower subscription cost
Although the InBusiness Construction Suite is already priced to be affordable for small and medium sized construction companies, the company is offering a further 20% off subscription pricing, for the first two years, to the first 20 companies that purchase it before September 30, 2013.

COMSS Limited was set up in 2010 to provide breakthrough software applications that enable small to medium sized construction companies to run lean businesses in lean times. COMSS knew survival required lower cost, more efficient operations AND smarter, more informed decisions. But when it reviewed what was available, it saw over-engineered, expensive to operate software with the most important functions clogged-up with non-essential features. As a result COMSS has developed a suite of applications that not only deliver functional value but can be run by fewer staff and that require less resources, time and cost to implement.

COMSS development centre is based in Longford, Ireland. It is a Microsoft BizSpark company and its Construction Suite is endorsed by the Construction Industry Federation of Ireland. www.comss.org

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