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New Telco Analytics Suite Launched Today

by david.nunes

MDS Lavastorm Analytics Launches the Lavastorm Business Performance Analytics Suite and New Corporate Identity

Global software company on the rise as enterprise data growth hits 40% year on year and the acceptable rate to derive value from business analytics shrinks from weeks to days

BOSTON & WARRINGTON, United Kingdom–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MDS Lavastorm Analytics (formerly MDA), today announced the launch of its Business Performance Analytics Suite, as well as a new corporate identity and a number of key growth initiatives.

“Adding intelligence into process operations improves efficiency and effectiveness, and is a key part of a continuous improvement initiative”

MDS Lavastorm Analytics specializes in Business Performance Analytics, enabling enterprises to analyze, optimize and control complex business processes to improve financial, operational and customer experience performance. Through software that enables discovery driven adaptive business analytics, reaching into operations, customer interaction and financial management, MDS Lavastorm Analytics already has a global customer base of 50 enterprises across 6 continents and is a market-leading solution provider in the communications industry.

The Lavastorm Business Performance Analytics Suite is designed to revolutionize the business analytics industry. It enables enterprises to deliver business-centric and discovery-driven analytics across their business processes to drive faster and more transparent analytic results with greater levels of accuracy. It also enables business leaders to make better-informed decisions and control every stage of the analytic data process to back this up. The product suite provides software that both IT and business users can use to collaborate and improve business performance, as well as an adaptive framework that supports diverse and complex requirements.

The Lavastorm Business Performance Analytics Suite includes:

Lavastorm Analytic Platform (LAP). A platform which provides visual, discovery-driven capability across business processes to provide rapid value by identifying problems and resolutions faster and implementing effective business controls.

Lavastorm Resolution Center. Provides control for analytic reporting, case management, and alarm management. Users can create audit and management controls easily, while case management capability provides advanced forensics and simplified routine operations to enhance business performance.

Lavastorm Transaction Warehouse. An advanced system for Fraud and Usage based analytics, capable of managing billions of transaction records per day.

Lavastorm Data Acquisition Module. A highly configurable module for multi-source and format data acquisition, overcoming technical and financial limitations for including complex data formats in the analytic process.

Lavastorm BillAnalyzer. A converged multi-service e-billing and analytics software solution, that provides service providers with the ability to enable their business customers with easy to use self-care e-billing & analytics in a single view, to simplify the management of today’s enterprise communications estate.

“Adding intelligence into process operations improves efficiency and effectiveness, and is a key part of a continuous improvement initiative,” said Bill Gassman, Research Director, Business Intelligence of Gartner Research. “However, this is difficult to achieve. Challenges include being able to conduct analytics across complex business processes with multiple data sources, identifying where problems such as data or process execution inaccuracies are occurring and then how to implement persistent controls. As these enterprise issues continue to grow, it is key that discovery driven analytics with clear business context sits side by side with enterprise business processes to aid the analysis, optimization and control of business performance.”

Drew Rockwell, CEO of MDS Lavastorm Analytics, commented “As the volume of enterprise data increases, so has the need for greater ease of use, accuracy and speed of results in the business analytics market. We are developing our company and our solutions to support the continued growth in the market, and to provide innovative solutions to our ever-expanding customer base. Our Lavastorm Analytic Platform (LAP) is revolutionizing the way in which IT and business users alike can drive faster and more transparent value with analytics across enterprise business processes, across any industry.”

As well as the additions to its product portfolio, MDS Lavastorm Analytics also announces today a new corporate identity, as it builds on its success in the market place. Currently over 50 enterprises in 6 continents use its analytic software and services to drive greater levels of business performance across their enterprise operations.

In addition, Christopher Grahn has joined the MDS Lavastorm Analytics executive team as Managing Director for Asia Pacific, to build on the current customer base and success in the region to drive and support the next level of expansion and growth. Mr. Grahn joins from Digital Route AB, where he was Managing Director for APAC and MEA.

About MDS Lavastorm Analytics

MDS Lavastorm Analytics (MDS) is a global business performance analytics company that enables companies to analyze, optimize, and control the performance of their business processes. Using adaptive, discovery-driven tools and methodologies, the Lavastorm Business Performance Analytics Suite reaches across siloed data sets to analyze processes, find defects, and build controls to ensure that complex financial, operational, and customer experience processes run in an optimized way. The visual, step-by-step interface allows for rapid, codeless analytic design at a granular level, increasing business decision makers’ self-sufficiency and confidence, and rapidly delivering business value. MDS’ solutions are used by more than 50 companies on six continents and are applicable in almost any industry, including telecommunications, financial services, utilities, healthcare, and media.

For more information, please visit: www.lavastorm.com.

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