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New to the workforce? Generative AI can help you, this AI expert explains

by Anthony Weaver

For individuals just starting out in the workforce, or making a
substantial career switch, it can be tough to stand out against other
applicants. Luckily, Generative AI can help you gain a competitive edge.

“Generative AI is an indispensable ally for individuals who are newly
entering the workforce. It can serve as an invisible mentor, assisting
with everything from crafting compelling resumes and mastering interview
strategies to generating professional correspondence and formulating
career plans. By providing personalized advice, learning opportunities,
and productivity tools, AI can help new professionals navigate their
career paths more confidently. However, it’s crucial to balance AI
insights with human mentorship for comprehensive development, as the
latter provides the emotional intelligence and context that enrich our
professional journey. Essentially, the power of AI combined with human
wisdom could be the winning combination for career success in this new
era,” explains Iterate.ai Co-Founder and Gold Globee Award [3] for the
Chief Technology Officer of the Year in Artificial Intelligence, Brian
Sathianathan. [4]

Here are some key ways those entering into the workforce or starting a
new career can leverage Generative AI:


Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

Generative AI models can help in creating and refining resumes and cover
letters. They can provide suggestions on optimal phrasing, keyword
usage, and how to tailor your resume to specific job postings.


Interview Preparation and Networking Assistance

AI can generate potential interview questions based on the job
description and help users craft answers. It can also provide tips on
how to handle common and tricky interview scenarios. It can also provide
suggestions for building professional networks. It can help craft
personalized messages for LinkedIn or other networking platforms, and
provide tips on how to build and maintain professional relationships.


On-the-Job Writing

AI models can assist in drafting emails, presentations, reports, and
other professional materials. These tools can help with grammar, style,
and clarity, as well as generating content ideas.


Skill Development

AI can generate personalized learning paths based on an individual’s
current skills, job requirements, and career goals. It can recommend
courses, articles, and tutorials to help new professionals gain
necessary skills and knowledge.

Generative AI has the potential to be a mentor and necessary tool for
new professionals, helping them navigate the early stages of their
careers and providing tools and advice to help them succeed.

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