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NewCom International Brings Turnkey Voice, Video and Data Solutions to Developing Communications Markets around Globe

by david.nunes

Satellite Communications Provider Expands Global Reach withVideoMeetings, IPTV Services, and “Office without Borders” Solution

(October 14, 2010 – Miami, FL) NewCom International, a global communications company specializing in the transport of video, voice and data via satellite, has unveiled a suite of value-added services over the past year to provide turnkey, one-stop solutions for the governments, institutions and private-sector businesses it serves.

The services, which include VideoMeetings, IPTV Services, and SatFAX, ensure rural communities are connected to the world through 21st century communications that promote education, medical advancements and economic growth.

“We aren’t just bringing connectivity to the table,” notes NewCom International President Jaime Dickinson, who was named the 2010 Teleport Executive of the Year by the World Teleport Association.  “We are bringing the complete turnkey solutions – from our VideoMeetings solution that facilitates telemedicine projects and virtual college classrooms, to our IPTV services that bring news, entertainment and sports to content-hungry subscribers in developing countries.”

The applications for NewCom’s turnkey communications solutions are endless.  Last year, NewCom  helped bring voice and high-speed Internet services to more than 1,000 rural locations throughout Colombia – bringing global communications access to schools, hospitals, government offices and businesses, and making it possible for families to instantly communicate with loved ones they had been cut off from for years.

NewCom recently partnered with the Smithsonian and a team of engineers from Virginia Tech and Iowa State University to broad a live video cast of a historic Inka Engineering expedition from the remote, treacherous Andean mountains of Peru to a large auditorium screen at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C.

The company has also facilitated various telemedicine projects, including one currently being launched at a hospital in Haiti that will enable medical staff to consult face-to-face with top medical experts around the globe.   In addition, NewCom has teamed with several university campuses to launch interactive virtual classes, and has made it possible for businesses to establish world-class communications centers amid remote jungles or on oil rigs and ships far out in the ocean.

“In the past five years, advances in satellite optimization technology has made satellite communications an effective, affordable solution for governments and businesses in developing regions that are in need of global connectivity,” notes Dora Mejia, director of sales and business development for NewCom International.   “And thanks to the turnkey video, voice and data communications solutions we can offer, the lines and borders that once separated urban centers from rural areas have disappeared―enabling even the most remote regions of the world to participate and benefit from today’s global economy.


NewCom International, led by WTA’s 2010 Teleport Executive of the Year Jaime Dickinson, is a global telecommunications firm that focuses on providing innovative, customized solutions for governments, businesses, and organizations worldwide.  In addition to providing global transport of voice, video and data communications via satellite, IP and fiber, NewCom’s solutions include comprehensive video services, mobile maritime communications services, collocation and equipment sales. Recognized as the second fastest-growing teleport operator in the world by World Teleport Association, NewCom has the dual advantage of a strategic Miami location and a network operations center that offers technical support on a 24/7 basis.  For more information, please visit: www.newcominternational.com or contact us: [email protected] newcominternational.com

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