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Advanced 365 launches Wi-Fi application enabling Mitsubishi Electric customers to control air-conditioning remotely via the cloud

by david.nunes

Advanced 365 launches Wi-Fi application enabling Mitsubishi Electric customers to control air-conditioning remotely via the cloud

28 October 2013 – Leading software application developer, Advanced 365 today announces the launch of a ground-breaking Wi-Fi application developed for Mitsubishi Electric. The application enables customers to control their air conditioning or heating remotely, from anywhere in the world, via internet enabled PCs, tablets and smartphones. Users can also monitor performance using a new dedicated online service called MELCloud, also developed by Advanced 365.

MELCloud provides Mitsubishi Electric customers with access to their air conditioning and heating systems via user-friendly dashboard technology. Data is transferred from the Wi-Fi enabled units and held in a central data warehouse provided by Advanced. The information is accessible via a secure web page and enables users to spot faults, control settings, change schedules and temperature settings.

The Wi-Fi application and MELCloud also provides Mitsubishi Electric’s engineers with the means of accessing and collating unit operational data for investigative and diagnostic use, prior to site visits. The ability to access historical data alongside current data provides engineers with information which makes it easier for them to analyse system performance levels and identify problems.

The service is available in most European countries with the majority of European languages supported at release. Further European language support is planned for the near future.

Mitsubishi Electric is a global, market leading, environmental technologies manufacturer, producing an advanced range of heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment. The company realises that ensuring the right solutions are selected for each individual building, requires collaboration by all involved and is committed to providing software and support that helps deliver sustainable buildings.

Iain Blazey, Head of IT, Mitsubishi Electric Europe, UK Branch says, “We chose Advanced for this project because the company could develop the precise solution we required. We’ve worked with Advanced for the last nine years and the company has always delivered excellent solutions and services, well within time and budget.”

Previous projects, which Advanced has completed for Mitsubishi Electric  include a Microsoft SharePoint based content management system. The system is used to manage the Living Environmental Systems department’s four websites and a sophisticated quotation management application and is fully integrated with SAP, used by over 400 personnel.

Neil Cross, Managing Director, Advanced 365 comments, “We are very pleased to have enabled Mitsubishi Electric to extend product functionality by utilising the latest developments in cloud-based technology. This is a ground-breaking project which places Mitsubishi Electric at the forefront of companies who are using the cloud to innovate their product and service offering.”

“Our consultants have concentrated on making it as easy as possible for Mitsubishi customers to monitor and control their systems via a wide range of smartphones, while ensuring accessibility via most internet browsers. This means users can access and control their air-conditioning and heating systems from wherever they can connect to the Internet.”

About MELCloud

MELCloud is the new generation of Cloud based control for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning and Ecodan Heating products. MELCloud provides users with effortless control of their devices whether they are out or are just lying on their sofa at home.
Accessing and controlling your Mitsubishi Electric products has never been simpler and is now possible via a wide range of PC, Tablets and Smartphones.

About Advanced 365

Advanced 365 is a leading provider of IT managed services and business innovation solutions. Working with organisations within the private, public and charity sectors, Advanced 365 aligns technology to its clients’ business needs in order to improve their operational efficiencies, help control costs, enhance productivity and enable growth.

Core offerings include:

•        Managed services focusing on the delivery of IT services including: outsourcing, cloud computing, application development and support, and unified communications.
•        Business innovation applications to make legacy systems relevant to today’s business environment. Technologies include modernisation and integration software alongside migration managed services.

Advanced 365 is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and works closely with other industry leading vendors and developers including Redhat, Gamma Telecom, IBM and Oracle.

Advanced 365 is a division of Advanced Computer Software Group plc, a leading supplier of software and IT services to the health, care and business services sectors.



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