At 70 channels Connect TV passes Freeview and

is on track to be double the terrestrial operator’s

channel line-up by end of 2012

  • Connect TV line-up passes Freeview channel number and is on-track to keep launch promise of being double Freeview by year-end 2012
  • Connect TV continues to enable broadcasters to cost-effectively  reach Freeview homes with the UK’s richest interactive experience
  • Connect TV’s innovative technology re-ignites MHEG, enabling it to provide cutting-edge TV experiences in the UK for many years to come

London, UK – July 30, 2012 – Connect TV, the UK’s leading connected TV platform, today announces that its recent launches means it now provides more TV channels to UK viewers than Freeview and is on track to have double the number of channels of the UK’s terrestrial operator by the end of 2012.

The Christian Channel on Freeview 113 offers a range of free to air Christian programming, while on Freeview 115 Arabic and Islamic content is now available free to air.

Additional channels have been added to the Polska Plus service available via the Vision Television Network on Freeview 110.

“The latest launches demonstrate the value of our platform and now brings the number of channels on the Connect TV platform to 70, so we’ve passed Freeview and are ahead of schedule to meet our launch promise of doubling the size of the terrestrial platform by the end of 2012,” said Phil Walder, Managing Director, Connect TV. “Because our connected platform is available to any Freeview HD compatible TV or set-top it’s going to be a very long time before other connected TV platforms in the UK can even get close to the numbers of consumers capable of enjoying Connect TV.”

Connect TV launched its connected TV service with an initial lineup of 45 internet delivered channels in February 2012. The service enables viewers to access connected TV services directly from the Freeview menu or Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). The service works on all compliant Freeview HD devices, which are already in around 5 million UK households, and will reach 10 million by the end of the year.

“Our innovative MHEG linking solution gives our connected andinteractive platform a number of major advantages over rival platforms: theconsumer doesn’t need to invest in a new set-top box, in turn this means that we can address 5 million households right now, and because we’rejust linking through MHEG our addressable audience will grow to almost all UK homes by the end of 2014*,” said Jonathan Marshall, CTO, Connect TV. “Anyone that’s seen the interactivity that we’ve provided for Racing UK will agree that this is the most advanced interactive TV experience in the UK. What might be more of a surprise, even to industry experts, is that it’s been delivered by web technologies and links to the viewer through MHEG. This re-igniting of MHEG means that there’s no requirement for new middleware, extra hardware or a big R&D spend. What we bring to MHEG will enable it to continue to provide cutting-edge TV experiences in the UK for many years to come.”

*Data: Futuresource, published July 2012.

How consumers access Connect TV

Consumers with a Freeview HD device can simply access the Connect TV platform through their existing TV menu, just as they do with other Freeview channels. Today’s Connect TV content line-up contains a mix of sports, foreign language and news channels from Racing UK, Sports Tonight Live, CCTV and French, Greek, Polish and Turkish programming from the Vision TV Network. The Connect TV platform provides broadcasters with a cost-effective method of reaching UK consumers and the broadcaster can choose to be pay-to-view, subscription, or free. Transactions are managed through the Connect TV payment gateway.

About Connect TV

Connect TV brings internet delivered content to the Freeview Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).The service works on all compliant Freeview devices and offers live streaming and on demand services. Connect TV seamlessly combines Digital Terrestrial (DTT) broadcast and TV over broadband, offering broadcasters, content owners and brands  the ability to reach the wide UK Freeview audience in a simple, cost-effective way. The economics of Connect TV delivery means that niche channels can be on the same EPG as the UK’s most watched TV channels. Connect TV enriches the TV experience for viewers, expanding the Freeview offering with a wealth of interactive content.

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