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Net Insight to Showcase its Leadership and Innovations in

by david.nunes

Net Insight to Showcase its Leadership and Innovations in Quality of Service at NAB 2013

The company will showcase new products and offer expertise on video transport over IP to
address industry trends, issues, and opportunities at NAB 2013

Stockholm – At NAB 2013, Net Insight, a leading provider of efficient and scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, will demonstrate its unique MSR functionality that provides service-centric network management, QoS (Quality of Service) Enhanced Links and lossless routing. This functionality enables Net Insight to improve QoS, and service integrity and performance of dedicated, managed and unmanaged IP networks.

Net Insight will also showcase new products and features related to its Nimbra MSR platform. The Nimbra MSR creates service aware media networks that improve the performance of IP infrastructures through the company’s service-centric network management, QoS enhanced links and lossless routing solutions.

At NAB 2013 the company will be demonstrating:

•       The New Nimbra VA 210 Video Appliance for Cost Effective Contribution Over Unmanaged IP Networks together with Hibernia Networks

The Nimbra VA 210 expands network footprint and offers media service providers the opportunity to address markets that are currently out of reach, due to high costs of first-mile connectivity. Nimbra VA 210 enables new channels of specialised content in a profitable way to be handed off for further transport and distribution to users and subscribers.
Net Insight’s Nimbra VA 210 offers media operators and broadcasters the opportunity to extend their network reach in an efficient way by using unmanaged IP networks to transport content with a good level of quality for video contribution and in a way that significantly reduces costs for content creation and production. Together with Hibernia Networks, specialising in delivering video feeds over their fiber-based network connecting cities throughout North America, UK, Europe, and Asia, the company will showcase a demo on how to implement a solution for qualitative video transport over unmanaged IP networks with the Nimbra VA 210. Video content will be transported from London to Las Vegas, a distance of over 5200 miles.

•       The SFP Video Access Module integrating advanced video processing and format conversion
The multi-format Video Access Module for Net Insight’s Nimbra 600 series MSR equipped with intelligent SFPs, takes another step towards integrating more advanced video processing functionality into the company’s Nimbra 600 video transport platform. It provides a flexible solution for Quality of Service (QoS) transport of 3G/HD/SD-SDI and ASI with integrated video processing and format conversion, and enables cost savings for customers. Benefits of the module include increased port density, high flexibility and JPEG2000 compression, which provide low latency compression and quality of transport to contribution networks. Depending on the equipped video SFP the Video Access Module can enable a range of additional services, including but not limited to optical/electrical, analog/digital and HDMI conversion.

•       Multi-service Transport over SDI local loops
By using Intelligent SFPs, Net Insight can now offer support for SDI uplinks, providing a cost-efficient and reliable solution for multi-service media transport over HD-SDI local loops. The solution from Net Insight enables broadcasters and media network operators significant OPEX and CAPEX savings by integrating cost-efficient transport over SDI local loops with advanced video processing and format conversion.

•       The JPEG2000 Video Access Module with the highest port density and flexibility on the market
The company will also demonstrate its JPEG2000 video access module, which supports compression or decompression of up to four SDI video signals on one single board. In addition to JPEG2000 compressed video, the module can uniquely run all uncompressed SDI and ASI video formats, ranging from ASI to 3G-SDI, configurable per port. A fully equipped Nimbra 688 MSR can host up to 120 video ports that can be individually configured for compression, video format, frame rate and direction, which makes it the most scalable and cost-efficient video transport solution on the market. Encoding is done frame-by-frame to ensure high quality and low latency and the unique Nimbra QoS enhanced links ensures market leading quality of transport.

•       Remote Production and Workflows
Net Insight is driving the trend towards remote workflow in production environments through transport solutions that deliver the required real-time, low latency content with 100 percent QoS.
Net Insight will discuss how its Nimbra platform has been used in large sporting event implementations such as the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, where remote production was implemented on large scale by major broadcasters.
Net Insight is showcasing the Nimbra 640, a cost-efficient and scalable media access gateway for multi service media transport over IP. Through its unique Nimbra MSR capabilities for QoS enabled bidirectional video and Ethernet transport over IP, and with integrated support for high-quality low-latency JPEG2000 compression, it makes the perfect solution for remote production and live event contribution.

•       Digital Terrestrial TV
In addition, Net Insight has successfully forged industry trust for delivering DTT networks as it continues to win international orders for national DTT implementations lately in Brazil and Austria. Net Insight has more than 30 wins in Digital Terrestrial TV from all regions in the world and has implemented the world’s first all-IP DVB-T2 network for the national media operator Teracom AB in Sweden.

•       Time Transfer over IP (TToIP)
Deploying GPS solely as a means for synchronising Single Frequency (SFN) Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Networks carries the risk having the GPS signal jammed or spoofed, with network failure as result. Net Insight will discuss its innovative Time Transfer over IP (TToIP) solution, which addresses this challenge. TToIP is a way of providing GPS free synchronisation of DTT SFN’s and is achieved through the award winning IP/Ethernet trunk interface for Net Insight’s Nimbra MSR switches. This solution offers a secure and convenient way to provide accurate absolute time synchronisation through the data network itself.

Visit Net Insight at booth SU2324 to see the demos and speak with executives to learn more about Net Insight’s solutions.

About Net Insight

Net Insight delivers the world’s most efficient and scalable transport solution for Broadcast and IP Media, Digital Terrestrial TV, Mobile TV and IPTV/CATV networks.

Net Insight products truly deliver 100 per cent Quality of Service with three times improvement in utilisation of bandwidth for a converged transport infrastructure. Net Insights Nimbra™ platform is the industry solution for video, voice and data, reducing operational costs by 50 per cent and enhancing competitiveness in delivery of existing and new media services.

More than 175 world class customers run mission critical video services over Net Insight products in over 60 countries. Net Insight is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm. For more information, visit www.netinsight.net


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