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Nextreme Scales Up with New eTEC HV56 Electronics Cooler

by david.nunes

DURHAM, N.C. (November 9, 2010) — Nextreme Thermal Solutions, the leader in
microscale thermal and power management products for the electronics
industry, today introduces the eTEC(TM) HV56 module, the next product in its
high-voltage (HV) line of thin-film thermoelectric coolers (TECs) designed
to address electronics cooling applications with larger heat pumping
requirements. At 85°C, the eTEC HV56 can pump 6 watts or 58 W/cm2 of heat in
footprint of only 11 mm2. The device is only 0.6mm high, making it the
thinnest, highest heat pumping TEC on the market today.

At 85°C, the eTEC HV56 can create a temperature differential (?T) of up to
60°C between its hot and cold sides, and operates at a maximum voltage of
10.8V, making it compatible with commonly found board-level currents and
voltages. At 25°C, the device can create a ?T of up to 50°C with a maximum
voltage of 8.8V.

The eTEC HV56 is RoHS-compliant and is manufactured using gold-tin (AuSn)
solder, which enables assembly temperatures as high as 320°C. These
assembly temperatures make the HV56 compatible with industry standard
processes for packaging electronic devices that require tight tolerances.

“Many of our customers have been asking for a higher wattage device in a
single package,” said Dave Koester, vice president of engineering at
Nextreme. “The eTEC HV56 has four times the heat pumping capacity of our
HV14 module and operates at higher voltages, making it easier to drive. The
introduction of the HV56 also demonstrates our ability to scale up our
technology in a variety of configurations based on customer requirements.”

Nextreme engineers are currently working with customers in a variety of
industries and applications. These include laser diode cooling, high-speed
thermal test heads, and CPU hot spot cooling.

The eTEC HV56 module is available with an 8 to 10 week delivery lead time.
Pricing is available upon request.

Nextreme recommends the use of its thermal modeling, design and engineering
services to deliver fully-optimized thermal management solutions. Nextreme
routinely conducts analytical and numerical thermal modeling at all design
levels from component to module to subsystem. Advanced analysis of complex
systems, components or packages often requires more detailed modeling to
understand heat flow and thermal gradients.

More information on the eTEC family can be found at www.nextreme.com/etec.
Contact Nextreme at 3908 Patriot Drive, Suite 140, Durham, NC 27703-8031;
(919)-597-7300; e-mail nfo@nextreme.com; or go to www.nextreme.com.

About Nextreme Thermal Solutions(TM), Inc.

Nextreme Thermal Solutions offers electronics cooling and energy harvesting
solutions for telecommunications, semiconductor, consumer, medical,
aerospace and government markets. The company uses microscale thermoelectric
technology and high-volume semiconductor manufacturing processes to address
the growing needs for advanced thermal management and clean-energy solutions
world-wide. Nextreme also offers sophisticated modeling, design,
engineering, and contract manufacturing services to deliver fully-optimized
solutions from standard and customized products that solve the most
challenging thermal and power management issues. Nextreme’s headquarters and
manufacturing facility are based near Research Triangle Park, North
Carolina. www.nextreme.com.

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