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Nexus Industries Group to Upgrade to Next-Generation Epicor ERP

by david.nunes

Nexus Industries Group to Upgrade to Next-Generation Epicor ERP


New Implementation Brings Entire Organization Under a Single ERP Solution


Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organisations, today announced that Nexus Industries Group, a global company with a 60 year history in trade and retail electrical markets, has selected the Epicor® next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to replace its corporate Epicor Enterprise business systems, and a manufacturing system used in its Chinese plant.


Nexus Industries Group has an annual turnover in the region of £65m (GBP) and a 20-year history with Epicor. When the latest version of Epicor ERP became available, the company could immediately see how it would address changes that had taken place in the business since its last upgrade; which itself had helped the company significantly streamline its distribution process and improve reporting.


“Our Chinese manufacturing plant which opened 2009 in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province required state of the art manufacturing features as well as Chinese localisations,” said Richard Gardner, Head of IT at Nexus Industries Group. “The latest version of Epicor ERP will address both of these issues, giving us a single view of the organisation with excellent multi-company support throughout the application.”


Currently, Nexus Industries uses a third party manufacturing application with very limited functionality to run its Chinese plant. Once Epicor is deployed in the UK, and then China, Nexus Industries will have full manufacturing, financial and reporting integration across all its sites. The manufacturing enhancements alone will give Nexus the ability to schedule production jobs, utilise full manufacturing resource planning, and give global visibility of stock in the manufacturing process.


“The final implementation will also make our accounting more efficient,” added Gardner. “The business has grown significantly, which is why we built a manufacturing plant in China. This has increased the complexity of our accounting. Epicor will help improve and simplify processes in that department, and ensure a tighter adherence to GAAP guidelines.”


Gardner highlighted business process management (BPM), business activity queries (BAQ) and the ability to quickly personalise screens to meet user needs, as enabling Nexus Industries to have tighter control and the agility to adapt process flows as the business continues to evolve.


Gardner concluded, “These are excellent features that give Epicor a lot of power, without the complexity of some of the other competitive solutions.”


“Managing manufacturing on a global scale requires every site to be tightly integrated if the efficiencies required to maintain margins in a competitive market are to be achieved,” added Malcolm Fox, director, product marketing for Epicor. “In the latest version of Epicor huge effort has been put into developing localisations that cover the language and financial regulatory requirements of many countries, enabling companies to run global operations from a single ERP implementation.”


For more information please contact Duncan Gurney, the PR Network (on behalf of Epicor)

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