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NG Bailey Partners with Zinwave to Optimise In-building Wireless Capabilities

by david.nunes

NG Bailey’s IT Services Division Partners with Zinwave to Optimise In-building Wireless Capabilities

02 March 2016: NG Bailey’s IT Services division today announced a strategic partnership with Zinwave, a global provider of distributed antenna system (DAS) technology for in-building wireless coverage. Under the terms of the partnership, NG Bailey will integrate Zinwave’s GSM/LTE signal boosting solutions into its smart building wireless implementations.

The demands of data-hungry users found in densely populated buildings have frequently outstripped the macro mobile network capacity, something which has, until now, prevented the GSM standard from playing a central role in wireless infrastructure design.

With DAS technology now readily available via major integrators like NG Bailey, however, the boundaries for in-building network design are being redrawn, spawning a host of new high capacity connectivity options that relieve these capacity headaches.

NG Bailey’s partnership with Zinwave will enable the firm to optimise in-building wireless coverage by using DAS to boost GSM, two-way radio, paging, and other signals throughout the property. This will future proof the building’s wireless capability in response to the growing technical demands of functions like bring your own device, unified communications, Internet of Things implementations, RFID tracking and more.

Scott Baker, Head of New Business, NG Bailey’s IT Services division, comments: “The number, power and versatility of today’s mobile devices is dramatically inflating data production and putting increasing strain on the operator’s macro mobile network, resulting in poor coverage and service for end users. Today’s smart buildings need to be equipped with a wireless infrastructure that can handle these increasing loads. Digital antenna systems address this problem head-on, enabling the network to keep pace with the rapid evolution of enterprise architecture. Rather than rip and replace, this equipment optimises a property’s existing infrastructure cabling assets, enabling multi-tenanted offices to deliver effective and reliable coverage at the lowest planning, implementation and maintenance costs.”

Zinwave’s unique wideband technology, which supports any combination of services and frequencies between 150MHz-2700MHz, is a fibre-based system on a single hardware layer. This removes many historical issues associated with delivering multiple in-building wireless services, such as the need for complex RF engineering, multi-layer coax based infrastructures and expensive overlay re-cabling exercises.

Scott Willis, CEO, Zinwave, added “We’re delighted to have NG Bailey as a partner. The business tenancy market is highly competitive, with wireless capabilities increasingly topping landlords’ checklists. Our unique wideband DAS complements NG Bailey’s services and will help business owners cost-effectively overcome the common challenges they face when providing in-building wireless.”

Historically mobile operators have been challenged to deliver in-building wireless solutions due to infrastructure costs, non-standardisation of frequency bands, monetization of services and license availability. The change in consumer use and the demand for service has now enabled specialist intelligent building system integrators, like NG Bailey, to plug the gap with managed solutions on a property by property basis, enhancing each building’s quality of GSM wireless service as a result.

About NG Bailey

NG Bailey is the UK’s leading independent engineering, IT and facilities services businesses with a deserved reputation for excellence. NG Bailey offers integration from the outset of a project, from planning and design through the supply chain, to off-site manufacture, installation and maintenance. 

NG Bailey has more than 30 years’ experience delivering IT services to many of the UK’s largest organisations NG Bailey offers a fully accredited, end-to-end IT management service and partners with some of the world’s leading ICT vendors including Cisco, Mitel and Brand-Rex. With nationwide coverage, NG Bailey has 16 offices across the UK and offers dedicated client support 24/7/365 days a year via its Customer Service Centre.

As a market leader, the company is committed to offering tailored and innovative solutions and has a proven track record in doing so in a broad range of market sectors. NG Bailey’s 2,500 people are at the heart of the organisation and it is recognised that the company has one of the industry’s foremost apprenticeship schemes. www.ngbailey.com   

About Zinwave

Zinwave is a global provider of a unified connectivity platform for in-building wireless and IP coverage. The company has offices in Cambridge, England, San Jose and Macau. Zinwave’s RF planning, programme management and execution teams are highly skilled, with extensive experience in all areas of wireless communications and international telecoms. Sales activities are global and the company has established relationships with all major operators, system integrators and neutral host providers. Zinwave is a subsidiary of McWane Inc. (www.mcwane.com) a privately held US manufacturing company and owners of a global group of wireless technology companies.

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