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NGT Networks Drives New Growth with DIGITALK Carrier Cloud

by david.nunes

NGT Networks Drives New Growth with DIGITALK Carrier Cloud

DIGITALK Limited. Milton Keynes, UK. 18 June, 2013.

DIGITALK, a trusted vendor of Carrier, Consumer and Mobile solutions to retail and wholesale communications service providers worldwide, stated today that NGT Networks, a Singapore-based provider of international wholesale voice services, has selected its DIGITALK Carrier Cloud solution to drive new growth with real-time agility. DIGITALK Carrier Cloud enables wholesale VoIP termination providers to set up interconnects, manage rates, route calls, control margins, and bill customers in real-time on a single platform.

NGT Networks has chosen to move from a combination of legacy platforms to DIGITALK’s integrated cloud solution in order gain the benefits of greater reliability and scalability. NGT Networks will benefit from a cloud solution that is continually updated and enhanced with new features and functionalities as they are developed by DIGITALK. DIGITALK updates its solution with a transparent product roadmap that is developed based on both internal input and customer feedback.

DIGITALK Carrier Cloud is a single solution that combines superior routing and management capabilities with the intelligence and reporting to help wholesale VoIP providers to make critical business decisions. It includes all the carrier inter-working capabilities of DIGITALK SBC VoIP Peering with network capabilities that include flexible signalling interworking, SIP session high availability, and dynamic media transcoding.

“The voice termination market today is about being operationally efficient, quick to adapt, and always improving. That is why DIGITALK Carrier Cloud fits well with so many service providers. It is a single solution that delivers robust routing and reporting while being continually upgraded to best meet the needs of users today and tomorrow,” says Paul Bassa, VP product marketing at DIGITALK.

NGT Networks is the international wholesale voice arm of mobile broadband and networking solutions provider Greenpacket. NGT Networks operates a voice wholesale hub in Singapore.

“DIGITALK Carrier Cloud offered us stability, confidence and a clear roadmap for the future of the product. We wanted a solution that would simplify our approach through a single vendor and be able to scale with our business as we drive rapid growth over the next 12 months. The agility of the cloud matched our business,” says Alvin Tan, CEO at NGT Networks.

About NGT Networks

NGT Networks is the international wholesale voice arm of Greenpacket. Greenpacket prides itself as a leading developer of Next Generation mobile broadband and networking solutions. Its carrier-grade solutions and award-winning consumer devices help Telecommunications Operators open new avenues, meet new demands, and enrich lifestyles while forging new relationships. Greenpacket believes in a future of limitless freedom in wireless communications and commits to meeting the needs of customers through innovative solutions.

Greenpacket is the solutions pillar of Green Packet Berhad, which is founded in 2000 in the Silicon Valley. Green Packet Berhad is now headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and listed on the Main Board of the Malaysian bourse. It has over 1000 employees with nine operations across the globe.

For more information visit: www.greenpacket.com


DIGITALK is an trusted vendor of Carrier, Consumer and Mobile communications solutions delivered in the Cloud or on premises to retail and wholesale service providers worldwide. DIGITALK offers complete, highly scalable service delivery platforms with the applications and integrated management that enable customers to roll out services rapidly and profitably.

For more information, please visit www.digitalk.com.

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