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Nokia launches extensive ‘as a service’ portfolio to accelerate the move by operators and enterprises to an ultra-connected world

by david.nunes

Nokia launches extensive ‘as a service’ portfolio to accelerate the move by operators and enterprises to an ultra-connected world

  • Nokia XaaS portfolio leverages services expertise across fixed, mobile and IP technologies.
  • Portfolio includes ‘AirScale Wi-Fi® Controller as a service’, ‘Optimization as a service’, ‘SmartData as a service’ and ‘Nokia 5520 Access Management System as a service’
  • Reduces costs for operators and enterprises by up to 40 percent, offering faster access to services as demand grows and allowing them to focus on core activities and the customer experience as they move to the ultra-connected world
  • Nokia XaaS platform powered by AirFrame Data Center solution with cloud-based delivery enabled by the Nokia AVA platform


19 September, 2016


Espoo, Finland – Nokia has launched an extensive ‘everything as a service’ – XaaS –  portfolio to enable operators and enterprises to leverage Nokia’s global scale and expertise to meet the demands of the ultra-connected world rapidly and cost efficiently. The XaaS portfolio will leverage the latest Nokia data center technology – the Open Compute Project  AirFrame Data Center.


Nokia is extending its XaaS offer to deliver a wide range of technologies including Wi-Fi, fixed and mobile ‘as a service’ at a time when enterprises recognize the business opportunity in providing connectivity to attract data-hungry customers. Cafés, stores and other venues offer Wi-Fi® access, and operators are evolving their networks, but for operators with multiple technologies, or enterprises not focused on delivering communications services, network management can present challenges.


Nokia will host technologies, delivering them ‘as a service’ securely on a multi-tenancy basis using the Nokia AVA platform. This will allow customers to turn capital expenditure into operating expenditure while reducing overall installation, integration and ownership costs by up to 40 percent. With fast access to the latest technology and Nokia global services expertise, operators and enterprises will be able to satisfy customers’ data demands while staying focused on their core business. 


Through its AirScale ‘Wi-Fi Controller as a service’ offer Nokia will manage the enterprise Wi-Fi network. The Nokia Wi-Fi controller will remotely configure, monitor and manage up to 8,000 outdoor and indoor access points, allowing support to be scaled as demand grows. Remote validation of access points and subscribers will ensure secure connectivity.


Nokia is also using its AVA platform to deliver ‘Optimization as a service’, allowing operators to access and use proprietary software applications such as 3-D Geolocation, backed by Nokia services expertise, to transform planning and optimization activities. AVA provides a single unified platform to continuously collect and store colossal amounts of data, while providing open APIs for analytics. Operators will have access to unprecedented levels of task automation and best-in-class analytics software providing them with the flexibility to select the applications that meet their exact needs.

‘SmartData as a service’ aims to close the gap between network conditions and the subscriber experience. Nokia will analyze the statistical performance of devices on the network and the services and applications they use, in conjunction with the location of the device and the network conditions at that time. This data is then used to build reports that allow customers to make decisions on how to enhance quality and the subscriber perception.

‘5520 Access Management System as a service’, will allow Nokia to provide a complete element management system for the Nokia Intelligent Services Access Manager family of DSL and fiber-based fixed broadband access products.

The XaaS platform will be hosted at Nokia data centers, leveraging the latest AirFrame Data Center technology – the industry’s first telco-grade Open Compute Project – designed to rapidly meet the hyperscale data demands of enterprises in the most energy-efficient way. Nokia will also host the platform at in-country facilities, in line with local regulatory requirements.

Alexander Hayward, Euro information Telecom CTO said: “Co-creation is key in this type of service allowing us to tune the solution to our needs in a couple of weeks. Smart Data as a Service provides anyone in EIT from marketers to business analysts and network engineers an easy access to a common set of radio and core data to analytically focus on our core business added values; Marketing Campaigns, Network Operations and Subscriber Experience.”

Igor Leprince, head of Global Services at Nokia, said: “With the number of connected applications growing rapidly, XaaS models are vital to quickly bring expertise to a wide range of businesses. The extensive Nokia XaaS portfolio will allow operators and enterprises to tap our global scale and experience and capitalize on operational efficiencies while rapidly meeting subscriber demands with the quality they expect in today’s connected world.”




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About Open Compute Project (OCP)
The Open Compute Project Foundation is a 501c6 organization, which was founded in 2011 by Facebook, Intel, Rackspace, Goldman Sachs and Andy Bechtolsheim. Its mission is to apply the benefits of open source to hardware to rapidly increase the pace of innovation in the data center industry. OCP challenges convention by custom designing hardware, software and data center operations from the ground up – and then sharing these technologies with the community. OCP has grown to more than 200 companies including Apple, Cisco, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, HP, Intel, Rackspace and Microsoft among others.

About Nokia

Nokia is a global leader in the technologies that connect people and things. Powered by the innovation of Nokia Bell Labs and Nokia Technologies, the company is at the forefront of creating and licensing the technologies that are increasingly at the heart of our connected lives. 


With state-of-the-art software, hardware and services for any type of network, Nokia is uniquely positioned to help communication service providers, governments, and large enterprises deliver on the promise of 5G, the Cloud and the Internet of Things. www.nokia.com

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