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Nokia Networks launches its Open Innovation Challenge 2015 to shape IoT ecosystem

by david.nunes

Nokia Networks launches its Open Innovation Challenge 2015 to shape IoT ecosystem


  • Nokia invites innovative ideas, technologies, or business models addressing opportunities in the IoT domain
  • This year’s challenge marks the company’s third consecutive event


Espoo, Finland – 3 August 2015

Nokia Networks launches its third consecutive Open Innovation Challenge, which this year is focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) domain. Nokia is seeing an explosion of possibilities for consumers, industries and societies enabled by the IoT. This year’s Nokia Open Innovation Challenge offers the brightest innovators an opportunity to collaborate with the company on game-changing ideas to shape the future of the IoT industry.

Nokia’s vision is to expand the human possibilities of technology to improve people’s lives and help them thrive by enabling a programmable world where billions of people, things, sensors and devices are connected. As such, the company anticipates exciting use cases to arise within various verticals, including health, security, automotive, public safety, industrial Internet and smart cities.

The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2015 is a call for innovative ideas, technologies, or business models, and an opportunity to collaborate with Nokia to advance innovations within the IoT domain. Through this challenge, ideas will be assessed and the winners get a chance to leverage Nokia’s global market reach and connectivity expertise. Others may be selected by Nokia Growth Partners (NGP), Nokia’s investment arm and co-sponsor of the challenge, which is actively investing in promising IoT companies.

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Submissions are being accepted between August 3 and September 20, 2015. Startup companies – whether large or small – as well as teams, individuals, businesses and academia are invited to join the challenge and submit their working prototype. Click here for more information and to submit.

Hossein Moiin, Executive Vice President and CTO for Nokia Networks, said: “Building networks for the programmable world requires a P-O-P approach; turning networks into Platforms, Orchestrating the ecosystem, and creating the required Partnerships. Today, the pace of innovation matters more and more in our daily lives and, at Nokia, we are showing our openness to incorporating innovations from all around us by launching our third annual Open Innovation Challenge. Our objective is to reach out to the brightest innovators and experts in the IoT domain so that we, together, can help build a future that will benefit us all. I am personally committed to champion the best innovations towards global market success together with Nokia.”

Did you know?

  • The transition to IoT means we will soon live in a world with between 10 and 100 times more Internet-connected devices than there are connected humans.
  • Nokia Networks is already demonstrating key technologies like LTE-M and 5G that will make mobile networks the natural choice for bringing these possibilities to reality.
  • Nokia Networks’ Open Innovation Challenge 2014 was hosted in Silicon Valley, attracting nearly 100 entries related to Telco Cloud and Big Data Analytics. Read more about the winners and finalists.
  • Nokia Networks’ Open Innovation Challenge 2013 was hosted in Israel around the theme of Liquid Applications. Nokia launched its Predictive Operations solution based on contributions from one of the winning companies.


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About Nokia

By focusing on the human possibilities of technology, Nokia embraces the connected world to help people thrive. Our three businesses are leaders in their fields: Nokia Networks provides broadband infrastructure, software and services; HERE provides mapping, navigation and location intelligence; and Nokia Technologies provides advanced technology development and licensing. www.nokia.com  

Nokia Networks, which provides broadband infrastructure, software and services, operates at the forefront of our industry. From the first ever call on GSM to the first call on LTE, we have set the pace of innovation, a record that continues with future technologies such as 5G. Together with our operator customers, who serve close to 5 billion subscribers, we are embracing the opportunity of the connected world and helping to solve its challenges.


About Nokia Growth Partners

Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) specializes in growth-stage investing; seeking for companies who are changing the face of mobility and connectivity. Working closely with entrepreneurs NGP offers market insight, a deep network and a global reach spanning across the United States, Europe and Asia. NGP is an independent fund manager backed by Nokia. www.nokiagrowthpartners.com


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