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Nokia Networks shrinks an entire LTE network into a box

by david.nunes

Nokia Networks shrinks an entire LTE network into a box

  • Ultra-compact LTE network for quick deployment to support first responder communications in disaster areas
  • Provides stand-alone wireless communications at industrial sites like mines and petrochemical plants
  • Enables reliable, high-bandwidth services in remote and rural areas with zero or limited coverage

Espoo, Finland – 19 May 2015

Nokia Networks is launching a compact, rapidly deployable LTE network in a box with macro site capacity and coverage to provide real-time communication services. Nokia Network in a box can serve as a dedicated small network for major industrial sites. It also enables vital public safety communications to be implemented at emergency scenes where wide area network coverage is not available. In addition, mobile operators can use the miniature LTE network to bring high-bandwidth connectivity to rural and remote areas.

Offering voice and data services in areas with limited or no network coverage is a big challenge which is addressed by the Nokia Networks LTE network in a box.

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Solution details at a glance: 

  • Nokia Network in a box is a compact macro base station with an integrated core network ready to operate on either FDD or TD-LTE bands, along with built-in ports for external IP connectivity.
  • Based on Nokia Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station, Network in a box supports thousands of users, weighs only about 40 kg and requires a power supply of less than 1 kW. It can be easily powered by a car-based inverter or a small portable generator.
  • It can be used outdoors without an additional cabinet, cooling or shelter. The built-in core network also eliminates the need for related extra equipment or cabling, further saving energy and space.
  • The field transportable solution can be deployed within a few minutes as an independent LTE network with full macro site performance, coverage and capacity, once a power supply and antenna are connected.
  • Nokia Networks’ systems integration experts* can help tailor Nokia Network in a box for a wide variety of use cases. 

Deepak Harie, Vice President of Systems Integration Services at Nokia Networks, said: “We’ve combined our award-winning Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station with integrated core network software to build a very compact Network in a box. It allows for easy implementation of a dedicated stand-alone LTE network in next to no time. Nokia Network in a box can be used in multiple ways – to provide network connectivity in remote areas, as a stand-alone communications network for enterprises like oil rigs and to support public safety communications.”

Nokia Networks is working with several partners for building applications and network functions based on Network in a box. One of these partners, Athonet, will be demonstrating Nokia Network in a box during Critical Communications World 2015.


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