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Nokia Networks targets 5G-ready massive broadband solution in 2017 for last hop to the home #NetworksPerform

by david.nunes

Nokia Networks targets 5G-ready massive broadband solution in 2017 for last hop to the home #NetworksPerform

  • Millions of homes are not currently taking full advantage of nearby fiber
  • 5G-ready 10 Gbps cell sites will provide 1 Gbps connection to the home
  • Approach leverages on Nokia Networks programmable 5G multi-service architecture
  • First concrete extreme broadband use case on the way to full, standardized 5G

Espoo, Finland – 8 September 2015


Nokia Networks is leading the way to implementing 5G-ready massive broadband in areas with millions of homes near to fiber but without last hop connectivity via fiber to the home. The solution bridges from the existing fiber network using high throughput  5G-ready hotspots placed, for example, on adjacent lamp posts to cover the last hop. This ensures at least 1 Gbps throughput for every home. Nokia Networks will start trialing in 2016 and targets commercial availability in 2017.

Today, operators are facing a true challenge in finding cost-effective, future-ready alternatives to connect the millions of people who currently do not take advantage of ultra-high-speed broadband connectivity. Nokia Networks’ massive broadband solution addresses this challenge with 5G-ready network elements that respond to today’s requirements with software that will be easy to upgrade to full 5G once standards are fully defined and established. Operators will be able to offer high-speed broadband without the need to connect all these homes individually.

Connecting homes near fiber, Nokia Networks’ 5G-ready solution is the first concrete step towards realizing the benefits inherent with full 5G. Nokia Networks’ holistic programmable 5G multi-service architecture revealed on 2 September, 2015, provides a clear view on what type of network architecture is needed related to future use cases, including not only people but mission-critical machine communications, and machine-to-machine connections for enhanced Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Learnings from early 5G use cases will benefit the industry and help define a robust set of specifications in the standardization bodies.

In April, 2015, at the Brooklyn Summit, Nokia Networks together with National Instruments demonstrated 10 Gbps speeds over the air with massive MIMO and beamsteering technologies, paving the way for meeting 5G requirements. It is a concrete proof point of our capability to deliver on the promise of a true 1 Gbps last hop connection to the home in the timeline outlined here today.

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Marc Rouanne, Executive Vice President, Mobile Broadband at Nokia Networks, said:

“We have all the building blocks in place to make the first concrete 5G use case a reality as early as in 2017. This marks an important foundation for shaping the future of mobile broadband and enabling a personalized gigabit experience for the broadband subscribers in the comfort of their home.”

Why is the solution 5G-ready?

This solution differs from current 4G LTE implementations as it utilizes high-order MIMO and  new layer 1 protocol. It will predominantly utilize spectrum below 6 GHz to ease indoor penetration.

Did you know?

Nokia Networks collaborates with leading universities in Europe, the USA and China to make the 5G technologies as viable and future proof as possible. It also runs several 5G related industry projects in Europe, chairs the 5G-PPP industry association and is running 5G innovation projects with major operators including China Mobile, NTT DOCOMO, Korea Telecom, SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom.

Click here to download Nokia 5G ready sticker, here to download Marc Rouanne’s quote with picture, and here to download the programmable 5G multi-service architecture infographic.



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Nokia Networks, which provides broadband infrastructure, software and services, operates at the forefront of our industry. From the first ever call on GSM to the first call on LTE, we have set the pace of innovation, a record that continues with future technologies such as 5G. Together with our operator customers, who serve close to 5 billion subscribers, we are embracing the opportunity of the connected world and helping to solve its challenges.


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