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Nokia Siemens Networks brings Liquid Net to Broadband World Forum 2011

by david.nunes

Paris, France – September 27, 2011


Nokia Siemens Networks brings Liquid Net to Broadband World Forum 2011

Company also introduces new Network Cloning service to simplify network modernization

 Nokia Siemens Networks is showcasing its groundbreaking Liquid Net architecture at Broadband World Forum 2011 in Paris this week. The company is also making its 100G DWDM platform*, which forms part of Liquid Net, commercially available from today. Liquid Net is a comprehensive approach to telecoms networks that allows unused capacity in one part of a network to be allocated instantly wherever and whenever it is needed. Nokia Siemens Networks is also introducing its Network Cloning service for faster network upgrades at the event.


The various components of Liquid Net provide flexibility across networks to adapt to changing customer needs instantly using existing resources more efficiently. This optimizes capital investment and allows operators to offer new revenue opportunities. Liquid Net uses automated, self-adapting broadband optimization to remain constantly aware of the network’s operational status, as well as the services and content being consumed, to ensure the best user experience. It consists of three areas: Liquid Radio, Liquid Core and Liquid Transport.


“Liquid Net is a significant milestone in our efforts to help operators prepare for a world where it is difficult to predict demand, and the boundaries between hardware and software, and network and cloud, are increasingly blurred,” said Bosco Novak, head of Customer Operations, Nokia Siemens Networks. “This new world demands flexibility and agility which, until now, has been nearly impossible for operators with conventional, monolithic, rigid networks. Liquid Net’s intelligent and fluid use of network resources allows operators to deliver a superior broadband experience at all times.”


Bosco Novak will speak on ‘The Innovation Renaissance’ at Broadband World Forum on Wednesday, September 28 at 09:05 CET. Novak will explain why now, more than ever before, telecoms innovation is vital to support today’s rapidly changing economies and societies.


Nokia Siemens Networks will also unveil its new Network Cloning service, part of its Total Expertise approach in services. This approach supports telecom operators in adapting to new trends, market expectations and customer demands with speed, flexibility and agility. The service is the first of its kind in the telecom industry for Radio Network Controller (RNC) upgrade and modernization. It upgrades older RNCs quickly and with minimum disruption to the network, helping telecom operators achieve faster time-to-market, risk-free data migration and improved efficiency. With this service, the time taken to upgrade an RNC is cut from months to days, and operational costs for a modernization project can be reduced by up to 50 percent.


Visitors to Broadband World Forum 2011 will also get a first view of Nokia Siemens Networks’ commercially-ready 100G optical transport platform.  The platform boosts the transmission capacity of optical fiber networks by 150 percent over existing 40G channel rates without compromising reach and performance. The 100G platform is part of the company’s Liquid Transport architecture and forms the basis for efficient and cost-effective DWDM optical transport.


Nokia Siemens Networks can be found at exhibition stand L1 at the event. Experts from the company will be available for one-to-one sessions with current and future customers.



About Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading global enabler of telecommunications services. With its focus on innovation and sustainability, the company provides a complete portfolio of mobile, fixed and converged network technology, as well as professional services including consultancy and systems integration, deployment, maintenance and managed services. It is one of the largest telecommunications hardware, software and professional services companies in the world. Operating in 150 countries, its headquarters are in Espoo, Finland. www.nokiasiemensnetworks.com




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 *The 100G platform is part of Nokia Siemens Networks’ approach to Liquid Transport, which along with Liquid Radio and Liquid Core, forms the Liquid Net architecture. By connecting operators’ sites, the transport infrastructure ensures services can be delivered to all clients (like a base station site) simply and quickly, while keeping costs low. Traffic is channeled along the path of least resistance through the network. This is achieved through flexible optics, multi-layer optimization and intelligent control. Multi-layer optimization makes the most cost-efficient use of an operator’s transport network resulting in CAPEX savings of up to 70 percent.


The new 100G offering is available as a hiT 7300 line card (transponder or muxponder variant) that does not require extra footprint over the existing 40G solution and seamlessly integrates into the system for new or existing network deployments. The 100G offering comes with a high performance E-FEC (forward error correction) mechanism which guarantees a minimum of 2500 kilometer repeaterless reach while ensuring full network capacity on the existing channel grid. The use of fewer repeaters and higher bit-rates reduce the cost per bit.


Furthermore, the 100G solution does not require any Dispersion Compensation Modules (DCM) in the transmission line because of its coherent detection. This concept drives down transmission latency and overall costs.



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