Guangzhou, China – April 19, 2012

Nokia Siemens Networks provides software, services for customer experience management to Guangdong MCC

Companies sign trial cooperation agreement lasting over 6 months


Guangdong MCC, China Mobile’s largest subsidiary, has signed a cooperation agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks for the company’s customer experience management (CEM) software and services. The cooperation, lasting over six months, will provide Guangdong MCC with a unified view of its customer data, along with continuous reporting of usage trends to help it improve customer experience.


“Operators are faced with a number of challenges, including high data consumption and increasing pressure on revenue,” said Markus Borchert, president at Nokia Siemens Networks Greater China. “Our customer experience management expertise will help Guangdong MCC enhance its service experience by highlighting where focused capacity upgrades may be needed and automatically correcting device settings without people needing to report problems via customer care. It can also assist the operator’s marketing teams by providing new insights on subscribers’ usage and preferences, enabling targeted actions to increase customer loyalty and drive new revenue.”


As part of the agreement, Nokia Siemens Networks is providing its Serve atOnce Intelligence (SAI) customer and business analysis suite. SAI aggregates and analyzes data from all kinds of network elements, providing customer insights to help tailor an operator’s customer acquisition strategy and marketing campaigns.


Nokia Siemens Networks’ unified platform will support Guangdong MCC’s mass signaling collection and analysis and generate insight, then provide flexible and open interface for developers to generate new applications. As part of the trial, Nokia Siemens Networks CEM agreement includes network implementation, consulting and system integration services.


More information on Nokia Siemens Networks’ customer experience management technology and services can be found online.


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