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Nokia Siemens Networks to enable combined CDMA and LTE service in Japan

by david.nunes

Nokia Siemens Networks to enable combined CDMA and LTE service in Japan

KDDI to use CDMA for high-quality voice, alongside LTE data service by the end of 2012


Nokia Siemens Networks is implementing its Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) technology to enable CDMA and LTE technologies to work together in KDDI’s network in Japan. The deployment will allow KDDI to use its existing CDMA network to continue delivering high-quality voice services while maximizing the efficiency of its newly deployed LTE network. Nokia Siemens Networks provided the CDMA network, and is supplying and deploying KDDI’s LTE radio network. KDDI expects to launch LTE services by the end of 2012.


“We require a high-quality voice solution for our subscribers, one that uses the inherent capabilities and value of our existing nationwide CDMA network, while working in unison with our planned nationwide LTE network,” said Toshihiko Yumoto, vice president and general manager, network technical development division, technology sector at KDDI. “Nokia Siemens Networks’ ability to deliver a high-quality end-to-end CSFB solution on time, coupled with its technology expertise means that our customers will benefit from continued high-quality voice and in future, high-speed data services.”


“CDMA is recognized for its high voice quality and high call capacity,” said Scott Mottonen, head of the CDMA/LTE business line at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Until LTE technology matures and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) has been optimized, CDMA will fully meet subscribers’ expectations while increasing KDDI’s return on network investment. The operator will be able to maximize the effectiveness of its LTE network bandwidth delivering high-speed data services, while high-quality voice services are carried on the CDMA network, making this approach a win-win for KDDI and its subscribers alike.”


Nokia Siemens Networks’ CDMA-LTE CSFB solution is implemented via software on the existing CDMA 1X system, which interfaces with KDDI’s LTE network. Exhaustive trials of end-to-end CSFB have already been successfully conducted and the nationwide deployment will be completed by mid 2012. This ensures readiness of end-to-end CSFB functionality in anticipation of KDDI’s commercial LTE network launch later in 2012.



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