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Nokia, Telenor and Telia help fans to share the fun at European pop concert

by david.nunes

Nokia, Telenor and Telia help fans to share the fun at European pop concert

  • Nokia’s Centralized RAN doubled LTE uplink speeds at Jyske Bank Boxen arena in Denmark, letting fans quickly upload videos and images

 8 February, 2016

Copenhagen, Denmark – Concert fans at a packed Jyske Bank Boxen arena in Herning, Denmark enjoyed 100% network availability and nearly doubled LTE data upload speeds thanks to Nokia’s Centralized RAN deployed by TT-Network (TTN), the mobile network sharing joint venture between Telenor and Telia.

During the recent concert, sharing moments with friends and family on social media was key. The average LTE downlink traffic is typically 10 times greater than uplink traffic, but here, the trend was reversed: The average ratio of uplink to downlink traffic was 3 to 1.

Boosting uplink capacity where it’s needed most

Concerts and sporting events at large stadiums and arenas can attract tens of thousands of people, many of whom want to use smartphones to upload photos and videos. But too many smartphones uploading content at the same time creates interference that can slow network performance and spoil the fun. Nokia’s Centralized RAN solution overcomes this by linking multiple LTE base cells together into cooperative clusters able to handle the increased traffic.

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Highlights of Nokia Networks’ Centralized RAN solution

  • LTE base stations use uplink signals from other cells to avoid interference and select the best signals from 12 receivers
  • Continuous optimization every millisecond for each mobile device
  • Built on the Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station for high-capacity throughput
  • Average uplink capacity nearly doubled across a cell
  • Smartphone battery life extended by 33% due to more efficient uploading

Peter Nødbak, Head of Network at Telenor, said: “We want our customers to enjoy and share every moment at events, wherever they are. This is a challenge at big arenas where many people want to use their smartphones at once. The implementation with Nokia has given us valuable insight into how we can further boost mobile network performance in the most difficult places.”

Henrik Kofod, Technical Director at Telia, said: “Telia is focused on continuously improving its services and offering outstanding mobile broadband quality in spite of exceptional circumstances. With Nokia’s world-class solution, we are now able to deliver higher capacity and more robust services to large numbers of users at Jyske Bank Boxen arena.”

Louise Suhr, head of the TTN account at Nokia, said: “Our Centralized RAN solution lets Telia and Telenor build denser LTE networks, which translates to a better experience for subscribers. Operators can differentiate from the competition by delivering higher capacity and more robust services, even during big events where traffic levels are exceptionally high.”  

Did you know?

In the past year, Nokia Centralized RAN has improved the mobile broadband user experience in more than one million stadium seats across the world.


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