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Protect Global Deploys NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS Solution

by david.nunes

Protect Global Deploys NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS Solution

– UK-Based Managed Security Service Provider Extends DDoS Mitigation Services Across Europe

LONDON, May 29, 2014NSFOCUS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. a global provider of distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation solutions and services, today announced that Protect Global, a managed DDoS mitigation service provider, has selected the NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) to enable the expansion of its DDoS scrubbing centers across Europe.


  • Catches attacks at the source — Protect Global is a fast growing DDoS attack mitigation service provider based in London. Its proximity to the London Internet Exchange, and over 200Gbps of mitigation capability, allows the Company to protect against attacks near the source of traffic and ensures the always-on business of its customers.
  • Creates high-security shield for customers while protecting company assets — Protect Global selected NSFOCUS to support its efforts in establishing a secure environment for end-users, while protecting its own networks, systems, applications, web servers and online business. The Company plans to expand its service coverage to continental Europe in the near future and looks to NSFOCUS to provide it with a resilient, future-proof, trustworthy solution.
  • Provides end-to-end protection — With Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) and the ADS Management System (ADS-M) the ADS detects and mitigates against attacks with no human intervention, minimizing response time while reducing the costs and improving quality of service.
  • Designed for the managed security service provider (MSSP) — The ADS offers specifically designed features and services for the MSSP, such as multi-layer attack mitigation, end user web portal and cloud security centers. The NSFOCUS Threat Response and Research Centre has a decade of experience with DDoS attack tracking and research, contributing to the development of its industry leading solutions.


Alex Cruz Farmer, managing director of Protect Global, said:

“It is clear that there is an acute and pressing need for anti-DDoS measures. We chose NSFOCUS because of its extensive experience in the field of network security for DDoS mitigation solutions. We were able to set up our mitigation service business with upgradable and resilient solutions to quickly provide our customers with an extremely fast on-demand DDoS mitigation service.”

Bo Yu, regional director of West Europe, NSFOCUS, said:

“Traffic-based attacks can lead to an unavailability of network infrastructure and congestion of available bandwidth. MSSPs such as Protect Global require affordable, scalable and transparent service solutions to manage these assaults to their networks. We are committed to supporting Protect Global with our advanced DDoS monitoring, analysis and mitigation platform to deliver a non-stop online experience for its clients.”

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About Protect Global

Protect Global was born from the demand of both enterprise and service providers desperately in need of a UK-based, cost-effective and fast-reacting DDoS solution. The team at Protect Global, partnered with our vendors, has formulated not only a cost-effective solution, but also a one-size-fits-all scalable solution. For more information, visit www.protectglobal.net.


Founded in 2000, NSFOCUS TECHNOLOGIES, INC (NSFOCUS) provides enterprise-level, carrier-grade solutions and services for distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation, Web security and enterprise-level network security. With more than 14 years of experience in DDoS research and development and mitigation, NSFOCUS has helped customers around the world maintain high levels of Internet security, website uptime and business operations to ensure that their online systems remain available. The NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) empowers customers to find and fend off a variety of incidents, from simple network layer attacks to more sophisticated and potentially damaging application-layer attacks, all while guaranteeing legitimate traffic gets through to networks and corporate-critical systems. For more information, visit www.nsfocus.com.

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