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NSN completes most extensive live VoLTE tests in China Mobile¹s TD-LTE network

by david.nunes

NSN completes most extensive live VoLTE tests in China Mobile’s TD-LTE network

  • First among trial competitors to complete all phase one case tests and successfully demonstrate TDD eSRVCC video call in CMCC’s live network
  • Provides innovative VoLTE solution and integration capabilities for operators to deliver a superior customer experience and counter OTT players

Nokia Solutions and Networks has successfully completed the world’s first live video call and an extensive set of test cases for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in China Mobile’s (CMCC) pre-commercial TD-LTE network in Fuzhou. The trials included NSN’s enhanced Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (eSRVCC) solution for a seamless experience and optimized behavior.

To verify the functionality and performance of VoLTE in its TD-LTE network, China Mobile, the world’s largest operator, set up parallel VoLTE trial projects with several mobile broadband equipment vendors in different parts of the country. NSN completed the first TDD eSRVCC video call on January 4, 2014, and an extensive set of tests on January 29, 2014, to demonstrate the advantages of providing voice services as an integral part of the LTE network.

A video call made in an LTE network that utilizes eSRVCC allows a high-definition (HD) call that is established in the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) over VoLTE and then handed over to 2G/3G using voice continuity. This means the voice portion of the call can continue seamlessly even if 4G coverage is no longer available.*

The capabilities proven in the tests were made possible by NSN’s VoLTE solution and services expertise, which allow operators to make much more efficient use of their radio resources. NSN’s solution delivers very high Quality of Service (QoS) for transport and radio scheduling and, in addition, admission and congestion control can be efficiently tuned to preserve the voice quality experience in the presence of heavy traffic loads.**

“Implementing VoLTE is a definite competitive advantage for operators, enabling higher spectral efficiency and lower operational costs while placing them in a position to counter the offering from OTT players,” said Michael Clever, senior vice president of Core at NSN. “It will bring sophisticated voice-based and video-based services and high-definition voice quality to mobile subscribers. The video to voice handover is a good example of how the new technology can be seamlessly integrated with the existing mobile broadband networks.”

“Our hard work in integrating the VoLTE solution in China Mobile’s pre-commercial TD-LTE network paid off when we were able to complete this set of tests ahead of our competition,” said Markus Borchert, president of Greater China Region at NSN. “Our solution allows efficient use of deployed network assets and provides exceptionally fast call setup times. We will continue supporting the operator to provide the highest core network efficiency possible.”

NSN was pleased to surpass the competitors with the quality of its Fuzhou VoLTE test results and demonstrate the top-of-class cooperation of its professional services team and R&D support. The solution will be commercially available in March across both TDD and FDD variants of LTE.

Download NSN’s White PaperEvolve to richer voice with Voice over LTE (VoLTE)” (PDF) and click here to download a photo of Markus Borchert.

For more information on NSN’s mobile broadband capabilities, including a video overview, follow this link. To share your thoughts on the topic, join the discussion with @NSNtweets on Twitter using #mobilebroadband and #VoLTE. For expert insights, visit our blog.

About NSN

Nokia Solutions and Networks is the world’s specialist in mobile broadband. From the first ever call on GSM, to the first call on LTE, we operate at the forefront of each generation of mobile technology. Our global experts invent the new capabilities our customers need in their networks. We provide the world’s most efficient mobile networks, the intelligence to maximize the value of those networks, and the services to make it all work seamlessly.

With headquarters in Espoo, Finland, we operate in over 120 countries and had net sales of approximately 11.3 billion euros in 2013. NSN is wholly owned by Nokia Corporation. http://www.nsn.com

Read more about NSN’s IMS and VoLTE insights:

* The prerequisite for a smooth introduction of VoLTE and unmatched scalability for new LTE-based services is provided by NSN’s IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Core. It is the most advanced and comprehensive solution in the market, and NSN is the largest IMS vendor for LTE deployment. Its VoLTE solution includes enhanced SRVCC to hand over voice calls to the existing GSM network when partial LTE coverage is available. This helps maintain a seamless customer experience when networks have partial coverage during LTE network development.

** In the case of OTT-based voice solutions where traffic is handled by E-UTRAN, calls get dropped and packets can get lost or delayed in cases of congestion.

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