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NTT Com Adds More BizCITY Partners and Launches Partner Support Program

by david.nunes


TOKYO, JAPAN – NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced today that it has added 28 partners to the growing list of companies that are providing business applications through the BizCITY for SaaS Provider on NTT Com’s BizCITY® cloud-computing platform. With the new additions, NTT Com now offers 44 applications, including Salesforce.com, inc., from 41 partner companies.

NTT Com partners with companies to offer cloud-based applications under its BizCITY concept of providing secure enterprise services on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis for global access anywhere and anytime. More BizCITY Application Partners means more choices for corporations looking to grow and manage their businesses on a fast, low-cost and secure basis through cloud applications.

NTT Com also announced its new BizCITY Partner Support Program to promote partners that use Biz Hosting. The program includes a dedicated website that introduces individual BizCITY Application Partners and explains their businesses, and also provides cases histories of how corporate customers are actually using their applications.

Under the program, NTT Com will also hold seminars with partner companies to introduce their applications directly to potential customers. NTT Com will publicize the seminars and arrange the event venues at no cost to partner companies. In addition, partner companies will be allowed to use the “Powered by BizCITY” logo in advertising and NTT Com-provided booklets and fliers as sales tools.

A single sign-on verification environment also is provided for seamless linkage between BizCITY applications and the customer’s own applications. Simplified, one-time linkage reduces partner companies’ development burdens while enhancing end-user convenience.

In addition, partner companies can use NTT Com’s Biz Hosting service for free to verify applications before commercial launch.

“We are delighted to welcome these new BizCITY SaaS application partners and thereby expand the range of applications for customers to manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively, said Mikimasa Nakayama, Senior Manager of the BizCITY & Hosting Sales Promotion Subgroup. “NTT Com hopes to raise the number of business customers who uses our partner applications to several thousand within the 3 years.”



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