NTT Group Launches Silicon Valley Open Innovation Center

The NTT Group, the world’s third largest technology company and a global leader in IT and communications solutions and services, is now open for innovation in Silicon Valley. The $130-billion tech giant has just launched NTT Innovation Institute, Inc. (NTT i3), an applied innovation and development center that figures to play a strategic role in the company’s rapid expansion in U.S. and global markets.  CEO Srini Koushik is a former IBM Distinguished Engineer. He was recognized as one America’s leading CIOs while at Nationwide Insurance, and also held a top executive technology position with H-P before becoming the CEO of start-up, Right Brain Systems. The institute’s Chief Technology Officer, Mayan Mathen, has led major business transformation projects while CTO with Dimension Data, a $6 billion IT solutions and services company.

The company is also going to be speaking at the upcoming “America’s Innovation Showcase” (  taking place on October 16th at the Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco. The event will showcase technology trends, disruptive ideas and innovation strategies that are poised to reshape markets, and will also feature speakers from top innovation companies.


NTT i3 is breaking the mold when it comes to Japanese-owned U.S. R&D centers.

· A team of industry-savvy technologists and entrepreneurs who have held top executive and IT positions with both U.S. and international corporations and emerging start-ups runs the institute.

· Parent company, NTT Group, is on a mission to accelerate its international growthspending $3.5 billion a year on R&D while making numerous strategic acquisitions in U.S. and world markets.

· The role of NTT i3 is to accelerate global technology transfer, research new opportunities for partnerships and acquisitions, and rapidly develop disruptive new products and services at the convergence of cloud computing, mobility, social networking and Big Data.

· NTT i3 is committed to open, cooperative innovation and is looking to partner with Silicon Valley technology start-ups that fit into the institute’s mission.

· NTT i3 is also committed to helping the NTT’s customers build Business Agility and explore transformative new business models; it’s about to open a state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center in East Palo Alto to assist in the journey.

· With more than 220,000 employees around the world, a direct presence in 72 countries, and network coverage in 160, NTT Group is the biggest technology company you’ve hardly heard of.

· It’s a global leader in communications, networking and cloud services. It operates more than 240 data centers and has its own network backbone, including underwater fiber optic cables, that circles the globe and carries more than half of the world’s Internet traffic.