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nubia Releases the First “My” Series Smartphone “nubia My PRAGUE”

by david.nunes

nubia Releases the First “My” Series Smartphone “nubia My PRAGUE”

SHENZHEN, China, July 17, 2015  – China’s high-end Android smartphone manufacturer nubia unveiled it’s first “My” series device, “nubia My PRAGUE,” in Beijing on July 15. This is the official debut of the new product in China following the world premiere in Prague, Czech on July 8.

“City of Prague is a symbol of art, romance and love, a symbol we desire to share with our users via this phone.” said Li Qiang, president of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd., “Every single design element can remind users of this beautiful city.” Thus, nubia blends in “Prague” as a romantic touch and artistic outline with modern technologies in order to provide unique user experience.  

The original thought of designing “My” series, according to Li, is that nubia desires to encourage users to pursue essence of life and discover themselves by using an artistic product that fits their aesthetic requirements. “Beauty is the eternal pursuit of mankind,” Li explained, “it has been penetrating into everyday life including technology.” Thus, “My” series introduces this aesthetic into technology, offering the smartphone not only aesthetics but also life energies.

The most outstanding feature of the phone is the camera system, adopting nine different real-time filters and effects. According to nubia, the design was inspired by the famous Czech painter and designer Alphonse Maria Mucha who successfully combined the western and eastern artistic styles.

Uniqueness is another emphasis among “My” series concepts. By adopting the voice-command technology, the phone allows users to launch the camera and to take photos without touching any buttons. An 8 megapixel front-facing camera introduces a beauty mode and a continuous capture mode for a better photography experience. Also, a selfie button specially designed on the left side of the phone allows users to take one-handed pictures of themselves from the best angle.

In addition, “Prague” features a slim design and a 2.5D curved glass screen, making it more ergonomic and easier to hold. It also uses music and images from Prague as built-in ringtones and wallpapers, trying to restore the exotic taste originated from the city.

About nubia:

nubia is a high-end Android smartphone provider famous for professional photography function. Committing to technological innovation, nubia brand is based on domestic markets, and is going global. It intends to provide more brand choices for consumers.


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