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Number of commercially launched 5G networks reaches 58 says Alan Hadden

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Number of commercially launched 5G networks reaches 58 says Alan Hadden


November 19, 2019: Independent telecoms/mobile consultant Alan Hadden provides a market reality check on the status of operator activities in 5G, reporting today on global deployments and commercial launches of 5G NR networks.

According to Hadden’s latest research, a total of 58 network operators have now commercially launched 5G services, in 32 countries. A total of 336 network operators are investing in 5G in 118 countries, pursuing activities ranging from studies, technology trials, pilot networks, commercial network deployments and – as indicated above, commercial service launches.

The list of 58 launched 5G networks and their operating spectrum bands will shortly be published as a free download at www.haddentelecoms.com

Hadden’s research confirms:

  • The number of commercially launched networks globally increased 75% since June 2019
  • The number of operators worldwide that are investing in 5G-related activities increased 25% during the same period

The choice of spectrum used in 5G network deployments has also been examined:

* Over 50 operators (approaching 90%) use sub-6GHz bands for commercial 5G services currently, mostly in the 3.4-3.8 GHz range

* 4 operators use mmWave bands

Note: some operators use more than one band for 5G service. Confirmation of bands in commercial use is awaited from 3 operators.

More 5G-related charts and documents are also available to download www.haddentelecoms.com


Alan Hadden is an authoritative wireless industry veteran with a long experience in senior positions in the manufacturing, regulatory, network operator, trade associations and consultative sectors of the telecommunications and mobile communications industry. He is a well regarded and widely referenced author of high quality trusted reports, information papers and presentations for the mobile industry in particular, and is a published author.


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