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Numerex Announces Availability of LTE Technology

by david.nunes

Numerex® Announces Availability of LTE Technology

Company Enables High Bandwidth Network Connectivity for M2M Applications

ATLANTA, Aug. 12, 2014 Numerex (Nasdaq:NMRX), a leading provider of on-demand and interactive machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions enabling the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today the availability of LTE services in North America. “LTE,” which stands for Long Term Evolution, is a technology that provides high-speed data for network enabled devices. Many M2M applications such as video surveillance, real-time asset management, and remote monitoring and control are evolving to higher bandwidth, data-centric solutions. LTE enables the higher bandwidth and lower latency required by these applications, resulting in faster delivery and higher quality user experience expected by customers.  For M2M applications that rely on real-time information, such as controlling sensitive equipment, industrial alarms and controls, and other high volume data systems, low LTE latency additionally enables functions that may not otherwise be possible.

“As LTE device prices continue to align with older technologies, LTE becomes more viable as a strategy for evolving from 2G solutions,” said Scott Wiley, SVP Marketing and Product Management for Numerex.   “Combining LTE and the NumerexFAST® platform provides a seamless evolution path for customers seeking to upgrade to the newest technologies.” 

Today, devices such as tablets, mobile phones and smart cameras are already taking advantage of the speed and reliability of LTE networks.  M2M solutions used in various industries, including the asset tracking, security, and supply chain industries–all key business interests for Numerex–are also beginning to embrace and plan for an  LTE future. LTE network deployments will continue to expand around the world, allowing new M2M applications to grow as well. LTE provides at least three additional advantages for customers employing an M2M solution–longevity, more service options, and a highly scalable platform. For those applications where speed, responsiveness, and performance matter, LTE provides a superior solution to previous-generation cellular technologies. 

This expansion of the network product offering continues Numerex’s strategy of utilizing its FAST horizontal service delivery platform coupled with comprehensive cellular network options which now include LTE, along with the current capabilities of 4G GSM, CDMA, in addition to satellite options. With the ability to quickly deploy critical solutions to targeted verticals Numerex offers innovative products and solutions, as well as substantial resources and capabilities in the areas of customer service, operations, and engineering to solve today’s business challenges. With this announcement, Numerex remains well positioned to continue to service its customers with the latest generation technologies in an even more connected future for M2M solutions enabling the Internet of Things. 

About Numerex

Numerex Corp. (Nasdaq:NMRX) is a leading provider of interactive and on-demand machine-to-machine (M2M) enterprise solutions. The Company provides its technology and services through its integrated M2M horizontal platforms which are generally sold on a subscription basis. The Company offers Numerex DNA® that may include hardware and smart Devices, cellular and satellite Network services, and software Applications that are delivered through Numerex FAST® (Foundation Application Software Technology). The Company also provides business services to enable the development of efficient, reliable, and secure solutions while accelerating deployment. Numerex is ISO 27001 information security-certified, highlighting the Company’s focus on M2M data security, service reliability and around-the-clock support of its customers’ M2M solutions. For additional information, please visit www.numerex.com.

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